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A New Personal Best For My Little Ladies


May 2013

On our way home from the in-law’s house yesterday we stopped in Clare at the famed Pere-Marquette rail trail to unload the bikes for one last bike ride before getting back to the normality of work and running around.

Road construction determined our route home and that we stop in Clare rather than Midland. I gave the family their choice of routes, either secluded, wooded and beautiful or modern, busy and nice… They went for the secluded, wooded route.

20130527-200353.jpg It was a nice day for a ride, almost 70, breezy and cloudy. We stopped often to check out a creek or river but kept a fairly lively pace for a ride with the kids. We had planned on an out and back seven or eight miles.

20130527-200816.jpg Before I knew it we’d passed the four mile mark without a complaint (!). After a bit, my wide and I decided we’d turn around at five.

The return trip was a little tougher as far as complaints went so we put the youngest out front to let her pull. Sure enough, the complaints stopped and the pace picked up. A half hour later my ladies and I pulled up to the car, 10 miles behind us. The elder daughter, God bless her, was awesome, chewing up the miles. The youngest, at six years-old, had her longest ride ever (by doubling her previous best).

That was a perfect cap to a fantastic weekend. Plenty of food, softball practice, snacks (s’mores!) and miles.



  1. isaac976 says:

    First thing I see in tht picture is that they are both on Helmets !! THUMBS UP TO ROAD SAFETY !! How I wish Singapore would have those kinda trails and mountain to go to.. sucks to be in the tropics.

    • bgddyjim says:

      That’s the first time I’ve ever read the sentence, “sucks to be in the tropics” (LOL!). I used to be a “no helmet” guy – I grew up with no brain cover – but then my oldest fell in front of me on our very first ride together and I had to spill it to miss her. I came an inch from cracking my skull on the pavement. We all had helmets the next day. Since, I’m of the opinion that my kids need a dad with a functioning brain.

      • isaac976 says:

        Very good ! I always preach safety cause I have seen close friends died on the road, but even those who wear road would not have survived those accident..

        Haha, now you will remember me as the suck to be in the tropic guy !

      • bgddyjim says:

        Now that’s funny..

  2. Love the rail trails. They make for such great riding.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Absolutely fantastic – and SAFE. That’s the number one thing I loved about riding out there – we only had to worry about one intersection every mile or so – and the people of Clare, Farwell and the rest of the towns along the route are amazing! We have the stop signs and every vehicle that came by stopped for US! It was a most excellent experience.

  3. Daniel Weise says:

    Congrats to the girls on their personal best distances! 10 miles for a 6 year old is totally awesome!!! Looks like a beautiful ride! So jealous. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    What a great day! 10 miles for that age? Awesome!
    And yes, never go anywhere without your brain bucket. Glad you survived your lesson to tell about it!

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