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Star Trek and A Perfect Saturday Ride…

Mrs. Bgddy and I went out for a fantastic dinner and a movie last night with our best friends (who just happen to be married as well). For the movie we saw the new Star Trek movie (Into Darkness). The standard version only showed at 10pm so we opted for the Imax 3-D version. Without giving anything in the movie away, it was simply amazing – one of my top five favorite movie going experiences ever. If you get the chance, it’s worth every penny, and we’ll be buying the DVD as soon as it comes out. My wife and I are in complete agreement that one of the coolest things about the new series is that they stuck so well to the old Star Trek movies (from when we were kids) and that the stories, acting and visual effects are absolutely top shelf.

With the movie review out of the way, the morning ride went like this:

I left this morning with my sights on 35 miles. With a bit of inspiration from yesterday’s post on HTFU, I was on the pedals early. It was cool, low 60’s, but sunny, no wind and I was on two day’s rest and a 14 mile easy ride with my wife yesterday – add some seriously hectic news at work… In other words, I was in the middle of the perfect storm of good reasons to inflict some suffering on myself. Anything above a 19 mph average for the solo effort would do.

I started out easy for the warmup – 18.5 for the first mile – and got to it. By the time I hit the city of Fenton I was averaging 19.3 average and was feeling quite good. I was attacking every hill as if it were a red-headed step-child in the 1950’s. I lost a bit downtown because of traffic (six tenths) and a faulty auto-pause. After I got through town I had about four miles to the running club and got the average back up to 19 -18 miles down. I hung out with my friends for a bit and had a cup of coffee and through back a bottle of H2O for good measure. After a half an hour, I headed back out, determined to raise that average a bit.

I tuned out my Endomondo chick from the the start, just concentrating in motoring. I rode hard and at 15 miles in, I opted to extend my ride. Rather than turn, heading for home, I stayed on the road I was on – it was going to be better than 40 miles today. I was feeling winded but quite good and had absolutely no idea where I was at, average wise.

As I approached the next town, part of my normal 16 mile route, i checked my average – 19.7 mph. As is usual, I lost a few tenths at stop lights in town and by the time I rolled over 40 miles I was back up to 19.5 but I was hungry so I pulled up, shut Endo down and reached into my back pocket for a Gu Roctane and a bag of Jelly Belly Energy Beans, the only thing I’d eaten since breakfast. With less than three miles to go, I just spun back at a very easy 15… Just enough time to bask in the afterglow of my effort. With 300 yards to go I bumped into my wife and girls, heading out for their ride so I tagged along for another two or three easy miles. 45 miles and a big ole smile.

I enjoy my Sunday rides because the traffic is much better, but my Saturday rides, I love those… They get the last week off of my shoulders and just can’t be beat.

Oh, by the way, I’m thinking of switching to Km’s instead of miles – you’ve gotta admit, 72 km sounds a lot sexier than 45 miles…and 31.7 km/h is way more awesome than 19.7 mph… Just a thought.


What ever happened to the normal looking IMAX shades? Woof.