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Balance: Some Days Are Made To Skip A Workout

June 2013

I arrived at the abode around 4 yesterday afternoon. It had been raining steadily since I left a job site just north of Detroit. Then, 15 miles from home the rain stopped and the clouds began to part. The roads, a couple of miles from my exit, were dry – and it was warm. Perfect!

As I exited the expressway I was geared up for a nice easy 16 mile left hook lollipop. My daughter was waiting in the driveway for me with her mitt. “Daddy, tomorrow is my first game, we need to practice”. So much for that bike ride. I’m the third base coach for my younger daughter’s team and she had practice at 6:30 so practicing with the elder meant there was no chance to get out and still cook and eat dinner.

This is the difference between last year and this year. Last year I was riding and we’d practice later (if at all). I know this is the right way to be, but I still – I wanted that ride, even if it was just an easy one.

After dinner we loaded up and headed over to the field where we found out at the last minute that practice had been cancelled. The weather, however, was perfect if a little cloudy so my wife and the girls had practice anyway. First was fly balls then grounders. We wrapped up with some base running… Then off to get some ice cream.

In the end I got to do some sprints with the girls and had a grand old time (the ice cream didn’t hurt either). Some workouts are worth skipping.


  1. Sandra says:

    Absolutely. I think you have your priorities right 🙂 These days do not come back with kids. Ever.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thanks Sandra, I thought the priorities were in the right place too. One thing that I view a little differently is the ‘these days don’t come back’ thing… I’m going to write a post about it – remember, as a drunk, I have a built-in propensity to take things WAY too far. Thank you for the chuck on the shoulder.

  2. kruzmeister says:

    Yep know what you mean. I blew off a cold swim session this arvo to take my mum shopping, we had a great time!

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