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Don’t Let Your Head Win!

The same obviously can apply to cycling. 😉



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A Perfect Night For An Excellent Ride…

I started the evening with a warble in my wheel that had to be tended to. I have the original Rolf Vectors on my 5200 and they are absolutely fantastic… A quarter turn on one spoke and an eighth of a turn on the next and I was true’d up. When I packed up the bike at 5 it was still quite warm and sunny but the clouds were building. By the time we were warming up it was overcast and almost looking like rain. The radar, on the other hand showed all clear so we got to it.

The first mile and a half were almost agonizingly slow – 16.8-17.2 to let the stragglers catch up. At the 1.5 mile mark we shot up to 23 mph darn near instantly, where we stayed for almost 21 miles. At that point the group shattered as the big dogs hammered up a few tough hills. I worked my way to the back and latched off for a shortcut with another guy. We cruised back easy (19-22 mph) just enjoying the last eight miles – enjoying the sun (which had broken through and prevailed), the complete lack of wind and the warmth of the evening. It simply doesn’t get much better than that.

29.2 miles in 1hr:2min: 21.1 mph. An easy eight miles and it’s still better than last year’s best.

Last night was one of those nights that made me feel so incredibly good about cycling – it was one of those perfect nights. I needed that one.