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Daily Archives: July 4, 2013

A fitting ride for the day…

I started out the day with a 5 mile warmup, the distance from my house to my LBS. I took it easy only averaging 17.5 mph to warm up my legs. Wait, back up a second…

I followed my pre-big ride routine to a tee. 2 cups of coffee, a banana, apple and a Hammer oatmeal and apple power bar. 15 minutes before I walked out the door I wolfed down six Gatorade Prime chews. Slathered on the sunscreen, aired up the tires, kissed the wife and kids and out the door I went.

So, back to the uneventful warmup ride. It was nice, I could tell it was going to be a good day for a long one – I felt fantastic and I had to keep from pushing into the heavier gears, I could have easily averaged north of 20 mph.

I was first to the shop but only waited alone for a few minutes. First Matt pulled in, then Mike, Jeff, Adam, Diane, Chuck and several others… We had ten bikes and two tandems all told and settled on a metric century. As soon as everyone was prepped we were off. I set my Endomondo app, watched the countdown and set it in my back pocket, muted.

The ride was amazing, mostly decent roads, light traffic, sun and low to mid 80’s – it was a perfect day for a ride and the pace was awesome. I ride with guys who are so fast that I’m always holding on for dear life just to keep from getting dropped. This was an invite only ride so the ride was stacked with folks who were capable of maintaining a 19-20 mph pace but weren’t known for winding it up too much. At any given moment, up until the last ten miles where we really ramped it up to get back, I could easily pass the group on my own or pull for a couple of miles before needing to retreat for a breather.

We pulled in with 66.5 on Mike’s computer, after adding the ride to and back home from the bike shop…

76 miles on July 4th.

Ironically we celebrated the evening with my buddy, English Pete and his family.

What a great day.





Happy Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July. To celebrate, I will be riding down to the Capitol with a couple of dozen of my closest friends. As has become customary I will be decked out in my best red white and blue for an 80 mile round tripper, celebrating the day as any fit fellow should.

Happy riding, running, or swimming and enjoy the day.