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Daily Archives: July 18, 2013

Speed Day, and a plan for the rest of the week…

Today’s ride was all about speed. Top speed down hill, max speed climbing…

I took it pretty easy yesterday, in terms of pushing myself, and when I set out today I had every intention of doing the same but somewhere in the first mile something clicked and I decided to tear it up for the first twelve miles – absolutely as fast as I could manage. With all of the climbing, wet roads and switchbacks my normal 20 mph average is impossible (or idiotic, take your pick) but I did manage 17.5 over that twelve miles… Considering the fact that I’ve been between 12 & 14 with Mrs. Bgddy and 15 alone, a jump of 2-1/2 mph had me quite happy.

For the final four miles of the day I hit the main road that starts almost at the top of a nice hill. A short two minute climb to the top before I turn around and shoot down at just under 45 mph (44.5 today) before another short climb, a descent (38 mph), another climb and then the last decent down to the marina (33 mph). At the bottom, I turn around and head back to round out a nice 16 miles.

Generally speaking I’d have liked to have gone on a long ride or two but to be honest, we’ve spent so much time on the lake, swimming, tubing and generally horsing around that I’ve had no desire to wear myself out. After all, I love riding but I’m not missing flying through the air on a tube behind a boat for the nap required after a fifty miler in the mountains:



To round the week out I’m going on an easy ride tomorrow and then for Saturday I’ve just got 1.5 miles on the agenda – straight up our mountain.

I so needed this.