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What Fit Looks Like – Part Two…

Last night was my normal club ride – 30 miles of pure joy.  The weather, a cold front having just pushed through a few hours earlier that brought rain followed by immaculately clear skies, couldn’t have been better – with one exception:  20 mph wind gusts.

Normally I’m good to stay with the horses in that group for about 20-25 miles before they kick it into a gear that I simply don’t have.  This isn’t bad news of any sort, the guys that I’m talking about are all current or former racers – they’re fast.  As well, I’d never judge my fitness by whether or not I could keep up with them, they’re next level and put something into their workouts that I’m simply not willing to give.

On windy days the group is just brutal.  One way or another I always find myself in the gutter of an echelon with no protection from the wind.  Last night was pretty cool though – right around the eight mile mark I was on the good end of a double echelon so I had protection both in front and from the side and I was cruising gloriously.  Then the wheels fell off going around a sharp turn.  The group shattered and when it reformed, the only slot left was in sheer misery.  It wouldn’t be so bad at 18 or 20 mph, but at 25 with an obnoxious 20 mph cross-headwind it was just too much.  I detached and fell off the back to pedal easy for the rest of the ride.  That was right at the ten mile mark.  For the next two miles I thought about taking a shortcut I learned while riding with my wife and the slower group a few weeks back – it would have turned a 30 mile ride into a 24 mile ride with just a turn of the wheel…  Oh it was tempting.  The wind was just sucking the life out of me.

Nearing the shortcut turn I thought to my self, “Self, you’re not going to be a punk today.  You’re going the full 30, now quit your bitching and get on with it”.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I could see another rider about a mile up who’d fallen off the back as well so I made it a game to see if I could catch him (he’s a stronger rider than I am, but not by much).  I got my butt in gear and was with him in a matter of three or four miles.

Folks, this is the only way I know to get and stay fit.  On those days when most mere mortals sit on the couch and even the exceptional one’s would take the easier route home, I choose to go the extra mile (or six in this case).  Let me tell you, the traffic on the extra mile is pretty sparse.

All told, with my warm-up, I logged 35 miles yesterday, that last thirty at just a shade under 20 mph average.  With the wind that we had yesterday, that’s a big number – fastest I’ve ever ridden in that kind of wind…  And I could have taken it easy and felt lousy about a 29 mile ride instead.  Pity.

This is what fitness is to me.  It’s not about who I can beat or even how fast I can ride…  It’s about pushing my mind to accept the work, like it or not, so when I look in the mirror the next morning I can like what’s staring back at me.

Specialized Espoir Sport 4,000 mile Review

That’s right, 4,000 miles on a $30 tire, and I’m not close to done with them yet. If you’re wondering how one gets 4,000 miles out of a bike tire (23mm of course), I rotate them.

So here’s the report:

Perfect. No flats, 4,000+ miles. Not one. I’ve ridden in rain, sleet, a little snow – even on a few dirt roads. Not even fresh chip seal roads could flat these tires. My previous set of tires cost 2-1/2 times more, were lined with Kevlar, and are now sitting in my office… They’re my winter ‘bike trainer’ tires because they flatted too often (every time I rode in the rain).

I’m a light cyclist for my height, at about 160 pounds (currently 164 – vacations, sheesh) and I run my tires right at (or slightly above) the recommended 125 psi and I pump them up before every ride. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I rotate the tires every thousand to fifteen hundred miles and store my bike indoors (not in the garage, in my home or office). Finally, I do wipe my tires if I ride through an area that has fine loose gravel covering the road (an inherently dangerous process). I mention this only to illustrate that I take proper care of my tires to get that kind of mileage out of them. Also, if one were heavier, one would naturally expect that their experience may be different.

Last August I wrote an equally glowing 1,500 mile review of the Espoir Sport tire, this is simply an extension of that post, and my initial 500 mile review. The Espoir Sport has vastly exceeded my expectations – and is the reason that I’m considering a new Specialized bike after I’ve worn out my current bike. If they put as much care into their high-end bikes as they do their reasonably priced tires, I can’t help but win.

I, of course, am not claiming that the tire won’t flat, I am passing along my experience – and that they have not for me. Not once.

I paid full price, minus my club discount, for the tires at my LBS. this review is unsolicited.

UPDATE: I bought a new Specialized Venge that came with Specialized Turbo Elite tires… I did suffer one flat – I hit a rock that was hidden by a leaf. No damage to the tire. Otherwise, they performed excellently as well and they are much more suited to hard cornering. An excellent tire and fantastic value.