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Life – Minus the Sweets…

August 2013

I wrote a while back that I’d be foregoing the sweets after a blood test showed that my cholesterol was approaching the upper “healthy” limit. I’ve always had low cholesterol. When I was in my 20’s it was 124. In my 30’s, 152.

Rather than cut anything else, my doctor recommended sweets get the ax so I’m heeding the advice. Things have been cruising along just fine – for some reason I don’t really miss them too much though one thing has become apparent: I need to buy some stock in Orville Redenbacher… Speaking of that, is it insider trading if I buy stock knowing I will singlehandedly be responsible for the uptick in the stock? Interesting, I know. Popcorn notwithstanding, I have found eating out minus a soda or two to be pretty difficult. Not that I miss it, I don’t, but what do you get at your favorite Mexican joint if not an ice-cold Coke?

I’ve been trying to opt for ice tea over other beverages but the truth is, ice tea is pretty boring – just a tick above water in my eyes. There’s lemonade, but at 40 grams of sugar per 12 ounces it’s only slightly better than soda. There’s diet pop, but I’m not drinking chemically sweetened caramel colored water either – and I’m not buying into the misrepresented notion that diet soda somehow contributes to obesity either…  As far as that goes, you’ll have to sell stupid somewhere else.  The way I see it, the problem with diet pop is that the vast majority of those who drink that chemical laden crap already eat too much but think that the diet pop will save them a few calories…  Whatever the case, the taste alone is enough to keep me away – I’d drink river water before a diet soda.

That said, whenever I quit something that I enjoy (but probably isn’t all that good for me) I am an out of sight, out of mind kind of guy at first.  As long as I can’t see it, I’m usually okay.  Once I’ve been away for a while, if I get a little craving and think about what it took to drop that offending item, whatever it is, then I can usually walk by without too much trouble.  The problem with a craving though, at some point I’ll run into the situation where I’ve just ridden a hundred miles and we have an opportunity to have some kind of treat after dinner…  This is the tough time for me because things are going well.  I actually can justify a big old piece of cake  and it won’t be that big of a deal.  If I give in during one of those times, one of two things happens:  A)  Life continues as normal or B)  I’m off and running again and I go on a week-long binge with pop, candy, Ice cream and a ton of other crap that I have no business eating.  Unfortunately B happens way too often so I’ve been trying to concentrate on avoidance for the time being until I can build up a better resistance.  In other words, I’m doing what I have to.  Sometimes there’s no better way.

Now, as far as feeling different goes, there’s nothing.  No difference, no change, no nothing.  I still feel like the same guy I did two weeks ago – but I didn’t expect that I would either.


  1. Sandra says:

    OMG! You ARE human! It is so helpful to me to see that you struggle, too. I am not happy that you do, it just gives me hope that someone as clearly determined as you still has mental battles. I forget that sometimes, superman. :-).
    Thank you so much for sharing. And I totally agree. Between you and me, Orville should be doing great this year!!! (What do you drink with your popcorn?–I have gone to Arnold palmers with eat out meals. A little compromise.

  2. elisariva says:

    Okay – not insider trading is you buy (nor is it when you short Coke…). Mexican beverage suggestion – half ice tea and half lemonade. Dessert – fruit!! Especially cherries right now – you ARE in Michigan! Very low on the glycemic index. Finally – added sugar is poison. Period.

    • bgddyjim says:

      We call the half ice tea and half lemonade’s an Arnold Palmer. LOL…

      I’m good with fruit for breakfast (usually two apples and a banana), but for some reason I just can’t get there for an evening snack. I’m better off with nuts – which are better still.

      • elisariva says:

        I’ve called it AP but also California Ice Tea. I am telling ya though – Nuun makes a cola flavor…

      • bgddyjim says:

        Cola flavored water is too much like near beer for me… Near Beer = Near Death. Same concept for a drunk. I wish I could handle things like that but I just can’t. I’ll give the Nuun stuff a go though. They stock it at my local running store I think.

  3. Bar Science says:

    That’s my weakness. I have to have some kind of sweet at least once a week.

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