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Hammer Perpetuem, Cafe Latte Review

August 2013

My buddy Pete gave me a big jug of Hammer Perpetuem Café Latte the other day because now that he’s into Cross-Fit he doesn’t get into distance running anymore. He’s more about the weights and sprints right now. I was pretty excited because the price tag on the 32 serving size isn’t tiny ($45). I gave the stuff a try for the first time on Tuesday night. As is quite usual for the male of the species, I didn’t read the instructions. I simply mixed one scoop with a 24 ounce bottle of water, both bottles. I had my first swig about five miles in and, put simply, it tasted like vanilla flavored butt. It was not good. Still, it was the only liquid I had on the bike so I suffered through drinking it to stay hydrated. After the ride, however, I noticed something funny – I felt fantastic. Better than I’ve ever felt after the 33 (or even the 30) mile circuit. I can not emphasize this enough – I felt awesome.

Last night, while getting ready for our 42 mile ride, I actually read the instructions. They have a weight breakdown that calls for so many scoops based on how much you weigh. I’m about a scoop and a half, so like any good drunk (recovering or not), if some is good, more is better. I went with a scoop and three-quarters – and only in one of my bottles, the other is supposed to be straight water.

The extra three-quarters of a scoop made the taste much more bearable, even decent, and I had the same results… I felt a lot better than I normally would for the effort and distance. After only two times using the Perpetuem, I’m hooked. Not only does it help me feel fresher after a decent ride, I felt much better during both rides as well.

The Café Latte has a decent helping of caffeine packed into each scoop so I really wasn’t too surprised that it helped charge me up, but there’s more to it than just a jolt of caffeine. This is from Hammer’s website:

Perpetuem – This newer product takes the concept of long-distance fueling to the max. We designed it primarily for extreme endurance events lasting about six hours to many days. Perpetuem contains 75% carbohydrates (from long-chain maltodextrins-no added simple sugars), 13% fatty acids from a specially made long-chain lyso-lecithin, and nearly 10% soy protein. A small portion of fat seems to cue your body to more liberally release its fatty acids stores, which account for up to 70% of one’s energy requirements in long bouts of exercise. A little fat in the fuel also slightly slows the rate of digestion and thus promotes “caloric satisfaction,” another attractive plus during primarily aerobic ultra-long distance events. Perpetuem provides maximal benefits at an aerobic pace (under 70% MHR).”

Now I don’t know about the science behind all of that, but I’m telling you right now, the stuff works. I’ve ridden the Tuesday night ride with straight water for going on two seasons now so when I introduced the new “fuel” to the ride, sensing a change was quite easy.

All I can say is that, if you can live with the taste (which isn’t stellar but isn’t bad either), Hammer Perpetuem is great stuff. I highly recommend it for longer rides.


  1. elisariva says:

    I m still processing how you know ” it tasted like vanilla flavored butt”… Curious though, fuel in the bike has always been an issue for me.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Some things are better left unsaid. Vanilla flavored butt would be one. 😉

      As for on the bike fuel, this stuff is fantastic. Can’t recommend it enough.

  2. Bar Science says:

    Man, I am always looking for better endurance supplements. Thanks I’m looking this up and buying some tomorrow!

  3. Eileen says:

    I used to make a concentrated bottle of Perpetuem (~4 scoops) and chased it with plain water from my Speedfil tank. The latte flavor tastes pretty good with the higher concentration and is the only flavor that doesn’t taste like vomit when it warms up (strawberry is the worst!). I wouldn’t recommend using Perpetuem if you have to run off the bike, it’s not too kind on the tummy.

  4. […] episode like I did last year.  Just a few weeks ago though, a friend gave me a half-used jug of Hammer Perpetuem (H.P.) drink mix and I traded that for the Gatorade or electrolyte tabs, at least until the first […]

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