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My Daughters and Their First Brick

August 2013

My youngest daughter, Josie, is a runner. The older, Isabella, is a swimmer and a cyclist. Each of my girls are proficient at all three but they excel at different sports. Yesterday was their first brick (separated by a nap of course, they’re only seven and not quite ten).

Yesterday afternoon we met with a bunch of parents who ride Tuesday night and their kids to ride the 7-1/2 miles into town, have an ice cream cone and then 7-1/2 miles back. That was five miles farther than they’d ever gone before but I hoped the ice cream in the middle would be enough of a “carrot”.

Bella did great while Josie struggled mightily. I half expected it but was a touch disappointed that the complaints of sore legs began before we’d made it a half mile. Not surprisingly, the complaining stopped about a quarter mile from the ice cream shop – just about the time she could see the shop.

The ride back to the school was better, but only because she made it four miles before the whining commenced, and that lasted until I grounded her for her behavior. Imagine my surprise when she did a 180 and was pleasant for the rest of the ride… And she even added a few laps around the parking lot to celebrate making it. Sometimes you need a stick with the carrot.

After getting home my girls and I laid down for a little nap while Mrs. Bgddy went to the grocery store. After 20 minutes I set to cutting the front yard until the Mrs. returned.

After I finished with the front yard we got the kids ready and headed out for the Kid’s Crim 1 mile run. We arrived, checked in, set the girls up with the others in their training club for a photo and headed to starting line. After the 1/4 and 1/2 mile runners finished, our girls took the line…

And they were off. The course was a full mile loop around a park so when I lost sight of them I didn’t see them again until they rounded the corner heading for the finish…

That’s the seven year-old, and she was ahead of her big sister!

Color me a proud papa.


  1. Bar Science says:

    Good for you! Keeping them active. My little ones (all younger than 7) are training on the bar. Doing lots of pull-ups and push-ups. And they enjoy it!

  2. isabella says:

    I’m not much of a runner or a biker but I am a swimmer and I am amazing at swimming.

  3. isabella says:

    i hate push-ups 😦

  4. isabella says:

    i will soon probably be swimming competitive for fenton my tryout is nov 26

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