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Curse You, Chip Seal! Pt. 2 Landlocked

Just figures. I’m just a few days away from taking possession of my brand spanking new, several thousand dollar, absolutely beautiful, Specialized Venge. I picked out the cages yesterday as a matter of fact…and the county just landlocked me with a brand new layer of chip-seal on our road. It was so fresh yesterday afternoon that I got little splotches of tar on my shoes when I crossed the street to get to the mailbox. I ended up going for an easy ride with the family on the mountain bike. Fabulous.

Back to the aforementioned Venge… I quit drinking and changed my life on November 18th, 1992. Everything big that I’ve bought over the last twenty years has been on some kind of credit or financing. I can remember early on talking with an elder friend who said one day I’d be able to pay cash for such things if I stayed sober and lived a decent life. I thought he was nuts.

Sure enough, when I walk into the bike shop to pick up my Venge, it’ll be with a pocketful of hundred dollar bills which I will plunk down on the counter with a smile on my face.

When I walk my new ride out to the car, it’ll be mine. No payments, no interest. Mine.

That’ll be a happy moment in my life, let me tell you.