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I Am Specialized.

Now THAT'S Sexy, Baby

Now THAT’S Sexy, Baby

Mrs. Bgddy, the kids and I went out for a 7 mile mountain bike ride late Friday morning.  On returning home just after noon I was happily amazed to see that UPS had arrived early and dropped off a package for me at the front door.  I had a window of opportunity, if very narrow.  I grabbed that check, kissed my wife and ran out the door, calling ahead to the bike shop to let them know I’d be in shortly – to please get my bike ready (remove the spoke protector, index adjustment, etc.).

At 12:38 on Friday afternoon I walked into the shop and paid for my new Venge (it was absolutely awesome to lay down a stack of $100 bills on the counter).  Twenty years ago I couldn’t pay for a washing machine without financing it.

After dropping the kids off at Aunt Kate’s house and eating dinner, we headed home and I set to tinkering.  Reflectors, gone.  Cheap plastic reflector pedals, gone.  Somehow the shop got the saddle height perfect and I moved it up about 1/4″ to match the setup on my 5200.

After volunteering at the Crim as the Lead Bike for the 8km Race Walkers we went for a ride on the Flint River Trail (more on that later) and then took a nap (I rode on the 5200 – I didn’t want the Venge’s first ride to be in a huge crowd in downtown Flint).  Congratulations to the lady who won, whoever you are, that was a race well walked and apologies to anyone who may have been offended by my booming voice – except you idiots with the headphones who couldn’t hear me right behind you (you’re playing that shit too loud).

In any event, I just went over the whole bike for a last minute check to make sure all of the nuts and bolts are properly tight.

IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3051 IMG_3053

UPDATE:  First Ride analysis would be silly and biased, but it is definitely smooth.  My 5200 is harsher than the Venge (and the 5200 feels like a limo compared to my Cannondale SR-400).  One report that is fair to confirm…  When you step on the pedals, it goes and fast.  Alas, it is a bicycle.  It does not pedal itself.

UPDATE 2:  I got rid of the wheels just as soon as I could.  I’m much happier (and the bike is just shy of a pound lighter).  17.3 pounds, dripping wet, with the pedals and cages.

Is Your Bike Insured?

Do you own a high-end bicycle? My wife and I have a few.

Do you remember the commercial where the guy has two bikes on a rack on top of his car and tries to drive into his garage? Ouch! While I can afford nice bikes, I can’t afford two of each because I followed my own advice and bought the most expensive bikes I could afford.

My bikes are covered under my homeowner’s insurance policy.  Crashes, theft, the whole nine yards, they’re covered.  Check to make sure yours are too.