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Cycling Perfection – A Little Pain, Lots of Gain.


August 2013

I’m going to come close to 800 miles for the month, a personal best for me by more than 100 miles. It’s a big deal for me not only because of the number of miles but because of the average speed at which those miles were ridden – just under a 20 mph average! The problem is that I’m tired. Even with taking off a day – or even two a week, I peaked about a week ago and I’m having a tough time keeping that pace up.

Last night I did an easy 17 miles at 18.5 mph… On the Venge it’s so easy to keep the speed up, it felt like a 17 mph effort. It was near 86 degrees and I while I did break a sweat, I wasn’t dripping. It was just a nice ride evening ride and I needed that one bad.

Cycling never ceases to amaze me. I am unabashedly grateful that I picked the sport up and enjoy it so much. No matter how chaotic life gets, an hour on the bike and a decent talk with God and I’m good. I can be in a pretty dark place in my head and by the fifteenth mile I’m all but squared away again.

So I’ve got three hours this morning and I only need 49 miles to make 800. More than enough time and 49 miles is no hill for a mountain climber.

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