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The new bike pink cloud


September 2013

I’m riding high atop an enormous new bike pink cloud. I had a tough time keeping a lid on my seasoned but youthful exuberance on my 14 year-old Trek, but riding my new Venge it’s proven all but impossible – at least so far. My first 150 miles and I have only managed one ride (out of five) below 19 mph average. About 120 of those miles, all solo, were above 19.5 in windy conditions with stop signs or lights every mile or two knocking the average down. It did take a few miles to get used to the new geometry but yesterday’s 46 mile hard effort was the end of the adjustment period. I’m switched over.

Today, after some grass cutting will be an easy recovery ride where I will attempt to take an hour to ride 17 miles… I don’t know if the new bike can go that slow though.

There’s nothing like a first-time new bike bro-mance. That new bike smell, the desire to take five minutes after every ride to wipe her down to keep her spotless, the ability to push that new steed faster than I’d ever thought possible on a regular basis… Ah, it is fun.


  1. Sandra says:

    I could not agree more.

  2. […] things didn’t exactly go as planned… The idea was to take it easy and use a full hour to ride just 17 miles. Um, I don’t […]

  3. Don’t you just love that “new bike smell”?

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