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You can use any excuse you want, as long as you don’t believe it for too long…

September 2013
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I’ve had a very good run, as far as business is concerned, over the last six months and I’m actually thankful things have slowed down for a minute.  I’ve had a chance to enjoy a couple of weeks in August and these few days of September where just before I was stressed out, completely.

So now that I’ve had this little breather I’ve taken to being a little lame as far as the effort goes at work.  It’s not that I haven’t done anything, I just haven’t thrown my best effort at it…

This led to a conversation with my mentor yesterday evening while I was driving home…  Here’s how that went:

“Hey, what’s up man?  I’m having a tough time getting back into the swing of things at work.  I’ve got plenty to do, I just have no drive to do it…  I’ve needed a break for so long, now that it’s here I’m having a tough time getting back into it”.

To which he replied, “Well listen man, you’re the boss and you put a lot into the last six months, why don’t you just relax on yourself for a minute”.

Let’s just say I was a little stunned.  I was expecting the old, “dust yourself off son, and get back up on that horse” pep talk.  Now most people would relish the notion that they were given permission to screw off for another few days.  Not this one – and here’s the trick to the title of this post:

There are a few things that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt:  1)  I am an ex-drunk, which pretty much just means a daily reprieve – That drunk is still lurking in the shadows.  2)  I am also an unbelievable loser when I’m a drunkard.  3)  When you sober up a horse thief, what have you left with?  A horse thief.

So here’s the dealio; my mentor’s advice was wrong and I explained that to him in great detail.  What I needed to do was get my butt back on track again and that’s exactly what I did today.  I got through a veritable mountain of work (with the help of my lovely secretary – err wife).

To sum this up, I can believe my own bullshit, that I just need a break, but it’s an excuse to coast and I damn good and well knew it.  I am free to sit back and let the rest of the year float by, I really did have a great year but in the end, that loser who wants to coast through life doing as little as possible is lurking just under the skin.  If I buy into that excuse, even a little bit, I can end up right back where I started.  Asking, “You want fries with that”?


  1. elisariva says:

    So what were you looking for when you told him in the first place? Curious – some would want confirmation to coast. Others would want to hear what you in turn told him. Goes to show you are stronger than you think…

  2. Daniel Weise says:

    Hmmm… I’m wondering if he didn’t tell you that, knowing full well you would take exception with it and get your butt back in gear. In fact, I’m betting on that!

  3. David Bonnell says:

    I think you should maybe not put a value judgment on taking a break. I think you should look at it simply in terms of what is best for you. There is a time to keep going hard and then there is a time to stop and enjoy the sun, which is it? Both are valuable, worthwhile pursuits, neither one better than the other. It’s what does the best for you that matters, just my two cents worth – but then I could be said to be coasting at the moment.

  4. Bar Science says:

    That break may be what you needed, now let’s get back on that horse.

  5. Laura says:

    A different perspective: I’ve spent the last 6 weeks covering for both my boss lady and my manager under me, both for very positive reasons. I originally took this week off because we have out of town guests plus the new school year starting – and I thought it would be nice to have a day or so to just relax, sleep in, maybe get a bike ride or two.

    Then my middle dog got sick and died … and suddenly this week was a miraculous week set aside to just be. Not worry about work – the boss lady and manager dude are back and they can handle it. Not to worry about whether I’m spending enough time with my kids – I have time to spend with them unfettered by relentless work.

    We are all expendable. We should absolutely work hard and give our best all the time – but we also need time to recharge, renew, and simply learn to experience ourselves in stillness. Sometimes I think when I make myself exceptionally busy (which is always) I am running away from something. What is that? I’m not sure. This week was nice to just exist and be thankful for the life I have right now.

    Glad you are feeling the kick in the pants to get shit done again. 🙂

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