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Huge Sale at Nashbar

September 2013

For those looking for end of season deals, they’re having a huge sale over at Nashbar

So far I picked up:

A US Pro Challenge jersey (from 2012) that is pure awesome!

A Serfas Fissure jersey, which is very nice.

And I just ordered a Cavalo Squadra full zip jersey for only $28!

They have a bunch of items, the Squadra jersey is one, marked 72% off – and not just the odd sizes.  I placed orders for 38-40 for each of the items above.  I didn’t list the prices I paid for the first two jerseys because I paid less than what they’re going for today.  I also paid the extra to have them two-day shipped so they showed up yesterday afternoon.

First, the Serfas jersey is a plain-Jane cycling jersey.  Two standard pockets and the middle one zips.  The zipper piping is reflective.  The feel and fit are fantastic, just enough room to move around it.  The US Pro Challenge jersey is flat out awesome though.  It’s a Pearl Izumi jersey and fits fantastically – that one will make the top shelf of my “stuff to wear when it matters”:

I just ordered the Cavalo Squadra jersey (Mrs. Bgddy asked me to look out for a Red and Black jersey to match my bike – I think this one fits the bill):
I paid $28 for a jersey that retails for $100.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

Oh, and I should add, I have always received excellent service when ordering from Nashbar (mainly clothing).  They are tricky though, you have to watch the sizing.  Read the reviews to make sure the item size corresponds with what you need (some items run big, some small).  I always go with the European sizing rather than the small, medium, large bit.  It’s a touch more exact and since I went with the Euro-sizing I’ve never been disappointed with how an item fit.

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