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Remodeled Digs

I’ve changed the curtains around here.  Some people who follow my blog regularly had a tough time reading my posts with the gray on black.  I’ve been meaning to change it around for some time but I’ve never had the time to sit down and do it.  Please let me know what you think…




The Season Winds Down

With four months left in 2013 and only three that can be ridden in without freezing the extremities,  the major rides of my season are in the books and the season is starting to wind down…  All but one big one.

Last year I began what I plan to make a tradition, my trek to Midland, Michigan for a 200k solo ride on the Pere Marquette rail trail.  I wrote about last year’s excursion here.  This, unlike all other 70+ mile rides I go on all year, is a solo effort.  No help, no breaks at the back of the pack to recharge, just me, my bike and the trail.  Last year’s effort was almost comical – I spent the first 62.5 miles heading straight into a west wind that started out mild enough but picked up as the day wore on.  By the time I hit the turnaround point I was tired of the stinking wind and was ready for a nice cruise back.  That wind aided cruise lasted about fifteen miles before the wind shifted from the north which meant I was fighting a cross-wind for the last 47 miles or so.  It was not easy but I made it, though after reading the post again, I’d forgotten exactly how tough it was to complete.

On the other hand, I’m in much better shape this year and I know where the trouble spots are so I should be better prepared.  All I have to do is pick a non-windy day.

On tap for this weekend is an invite only 60 miler with a few guys from Tuesday night – so if I’m going to fit that 200k in, it’s going to have to be on the 14th, 15th, 21st or 22nd.  After that the weather just gets too unpredictable – and we start getting into deer season.  We can’t have that!

I’ve also been pumping myself up to get back to running again…  Like last year I had every intention of running at least once a week through the summer but I ended up cycling exclusively – I just have too much fun on the bike.

Also, I’ve only got 1,300 miles left to go on my 2013 mileage goal of 5,000 miles.  I shouldn’t have any problems hitting that.