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Daddy’s TIRED…

I missed my Tuesday night club ride for a bike issue so I had two whole days off in a row this week.  After two in a row I always expect to have a bit of a tough time on the first ride back.  I don’t know what it is but I always have motivation issues as far as speed goes.

Even so, I had a fairly nice ride in exceptionally windy conditions and averaged about 19 mph over my 16 miles on Wednesday.

Yesterday evening the wind was still going to be a challenge but I’d had my sights set all day on a decent effort.

The weather was beautiful all day – right up until about the time I was packing up to head home.  Clouds that had been missing all day started to roll in.  They weren’t particularly ugly but they just had that look to them, enough to make me question whether or not I’d take the Venge or the Trek.  On arriving home I chose to throw caution to the wind and take the Venge.

I started out headed directly into a fairly stiff wind, motivation dangling somewhere between “on” and “meh”…  If I am to be honest, closer to “meh”.  I’m going through one of those, “I just wanna enjoy the ride, I’m fast enough” phases.  My legs are a little sore and I’m just a bit tired so my motivation to push (not to ride) is wavering just a little bit.

I kept it between 19 and 20 mph into the wind (it amazes me how comfortable the drops are on the Venge, I feel I could ride all day without ever coming up for a break) and with stops, probably ended up somewhere about 18.5 at the 8 mile mark – and that’s when I took a second to look up at the sky.  It was not pretty.

I got on it – kind of chuckling about what the threat of rain will do for the motivation.  2:59, 2:38, 2:43, 2:51 – and this is with two stop lights…  I was maintaining a steady pace with a crosswind but a shallow descent between 23 & 25 mph and 21 & 23 with a tailwind but a steady and shallow ascent.  There were a few times that I started hitting my threshold but I pushed through it by downshifting and picking up the cadence.  I didn’t have much choice, the ugly was closing in…
Ugly  I was still cruising at about 20 when I took this photo, but I wanted to catch the edge of the approaching storm as I finished…  It was pouring cats and dogs within five minutes of getting my butt inside.

So, on tap for today will be a nice, easy 20 miler with Mrs. Bgddy – and it’ll be time to pull out the arm and leg warmers for this one – while it’s supposed to be quite sunny, temps are expected to top out at only 60 degrees (although we will be rebounding back to the 70’s for the weekend and the rest of next week).

To tell you the truth, I’m seriously considering just taking it easy until Tuesday (speed, not mileage) – I need to give my legs a minute to spring back and I’ve been on it pretty hard for the last three months.  I’ve put out quite a few personal bests – climbing bests in July and speed bests – some in June but a ton in August – all of these:
Now, if Endo included 100 miles in this little graphic, that’s an August PB too 4h:36m…  I knocked almost 24 minutes off of my best 100 miles from last year.