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A Perfect Ride For Dead Legs

Folks, my legs were smoked a couple of days ago, they still are a bit. I’ve been cranking out some decent numbers lately and I’ve had a blast doing it but buying that Venge was starting to hurt. It’s so smooth I have a tough time keeping a lid on the recovery rides. I intend to hit an 18 mph average but typically end up between 19 & 19-1/2.

Enter my Friday rides with Mrs. Bgddy. She’s a 17.5 mph hard effort and 15.5-16 average effort – perfect for an easy spin to loosen up the legs.

We headed out just before lunch yesterday and over to the bike shop to pick up arm and leg warmers and a pair of gloves for her and a pair of grips for a mountain bike that I’m fixing up as a gift for a less than fortunate neighborhood boy who is going through a really tough time these past few months. From the bike shop we looped around the country block (4 miles) and decided we were hungry so we rode over to Wendy’s for lunch. Our Wendy’s manager was pretty cool and let us bring our bikes inside while we ate.

After lunch we headed home at a fair clip. I love riding with my wife. We have such a fun time talking, laughing and cruising along – it’s the perfect cap to a week spent working on speed and endurance. No worries, no cares about lactic acid, power or whether I’ll actually pop my heart out of my chest on one more sprint… Call it my “good times and noodle salad” ride.

On tap for the weekend is a medium 40-50 mile ride today (heading down to Denton Hill for a couple of good climbs), but I want to keep the speed down again, around 18 average. I’ve got my solo 200k scheduled for next weekend and to be truthful, I’m just looking for a few days of fun, easy cruising before wrapping the season up over the next couple of months, shifting into running gear for the late fall and winter.

Good times on two thin wheels, it doesn’t get much better than this.