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What would you give to lose a pound every other day?


What would you give to lose a pound every two days (or close to it)?



Do the math, 3,241 calories. 3 hours. 45 more hours left to do whatever you want.

Dig that old bike out of the shed and ride it like you mean it. Your life depends on it.

I have to learn to enjoy being uncomfortable…

We’re getting to the end of cycling season up here in Michigan, where everything is about to slow way down… The sun is setting at about 7:50 and it takes till 7:25 to finish the 30 mile route on Tuesday night. We’ll struggle to keep it going by showing up at 5:30 for a few weeks, but many in the group can’t make it that early, so we’re pretty much up on the end.

That notwithstanding, I’m on a wee bit of a break to relax a bit and enjoy me some easy cycling. Last week I only had two decent efforts and even those were iffy – they were hard enough but I stayed pretty comfortable the whole ride.

All bets (and breaks) are off on Tuesday night though. The weather was a little cool, enough to bring out the arm warmers, but awesomely sunny. I showed up a few minutes early and went on a longer warmup than usual with a guy who I ride with quite a bit.

For the main ride the easy times were off immediately. Right from the first mile which started as is customary but picked up right away – our first mile was 3 mph faster than usual and got crazy from there. At some point we cranked it up to 27-28 mph, into the wind and after a pull I was off the back with a few other of the guys, one of whom said, “we can’t keep that up!” I laughed and said (between huffs), “yup”. Shortly thereafter he led a few of us back to the pack just a hundred meters or so up the road – that was the first time I was off of the back. Looking back, I think the surge was to cull some of the herd because they brought it back to a more reasonable 25 mph just after. There were maybe 15 of us left after.

I hung in pretty well after that by trying a few tricks I learned from a YouTube video I watched last week (more on that in another post). I took my pulls, a couple even comment worthy from the other guys. I’ve been bumping into the old axiom a lot lately that to keep up with the big dogs I’ve got to become used to, even enjoy, being uncomfortable. I do, to an extent, but my limits are a little low so that’s what I concentrated on when I wanted to quit (not surprisingly after a big pull).

I did great on the few climbs on the route right up till the 19 mile mark on a slight downhill… I knew it was coming too. I was pulling, just shy of 32 mph, and a semi-pro and his wife shot by on their tandem – same stinkin’ place as two weeks ago. I let a few of the guys go by, figuring I’d latch on at the back… I turned my head to find the end of the line – just to see there was nobody else back there. The herd had been culled again while I was up front. Great. They were gone that fast. 19 miles, 22.7 mph (36.5 km/h) average. On that track, on open roads, that’s not too shabby.

From there I took it relatively easy for a half-mile or so before getting back on it. I’d go a mile hard (21-22) then a mile easy (18-19), pretty much alternating till I hit the parking lot. I took a 3 mile shortcut and the main group never caught me (nor did any other of the stragglers).

In the end, I was quite bummed out at getting dropped the way I did, because it was kind of stupid. I simply wasn’t paying close enough attention even though I knew what was coming.

Even so, I still ended up with a respectable 21 mph average and did have a great time – and dinner afterwards was wonderful.







Whining Burns 0 Calories

Enough said.