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I’m A Diamond Baby!


September 2013

I hit Diamond status in the National Bike Challenge (US) yesterday:  5,000 points, or roughly 3,200 miles for the season (May – September):

In the whole scheme of things, this really doesn’t mean much, but it’s still kind of cool.

I end up shaking out, Nationally, at 561 out of 34,450 participants or firmly within the top 2 percent.  Not bad for non-government work.

I suppose this is as good as any for a season post-mortem now that we’ve got only a few decent weeks of cycling left…  With three months left to go in the year I’m currently sitting at 4,250 miles.  It’ll be tight trying to reach my goal of 5,000 miles for the year if I go by what I did last season.  I’m not exactly all that concerned with whether I make it or not though…  I had another fantastic, injury free year, I rode my bike a ton, and I maintained an excellent balance between my marriage, work and cycling.  If that wasn’t enough, I put in a bunch of personal bests, including highest volume month (800 miles), fastest 5 miles, 10 miles, 20 km, 50 km, 100 km and 100 miles and my steepest climb (1.25 miles @ 18% average).  On top of that, my average speed on my Tuesday night club ride, which was 20-20.5 mph last year, is up to 21-22 mph.  The truth is, while the weather often left quite a bit to be desired, I couldn’t have asked for a better season.

As far as my weight goes, I was perfect this summer, never fluctuating more than a pound or two either way.  Maintaining my weight was a huge issue last year, specifically eating enough that I not only wouldn’t lose any more, but that I’d gain the several back that I could ill afford to lose in the first place.  That said, as the weather starts to get colder and wetter, and my mileage starts dipping, it’ll be time to modify my diet again so that I don’t gain any weight over the winter.  This shouldn’t be an issue, it certainly wasn’t last year.  I know exactly what and how to cut down.  It’s as simple as this:  Last year, rinse and repeat.

If I was doing any better, Congress would make a law against it because they were jealous.


  1. vardotrichic says:

    You are a machine!! Awesome work…especially since it’s “non-government work!!”

  2. Chatter says:

    What an awesome achievement. Those are some serious numbers you pulled off this year. Consistency obviously is paying off.

  3. Sandra says:

    Proud to know you. Nice job!!!!

  4. well done! cheers and kudos and back-slapping!

  5. Fit Journey 50 says:


  6. Anna Kochetkova says:

    Where do you cycle usually? do you have like a path or a route you go to? I am a newbie to it and with my crazy life schedule I only cycle max twice a which and one of them is my 10km trip to the city and 10km trip back home when I go studying hence if i dont go (which rarely happens) studying i dont cycle that week 😦 I wonder how other people operate 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      I ride daily, except for Mondays, which I take off. I have a 16 mile, an 18 mile a 20 mile, a 23.5 mile, a 25 mile, a 30 mile, a 35.5 mile, a 43 mile and a 48 mile route. The 16 & 20 are for weekdays, the 35.5-48 mile routes are on Saturday and I do whatever I feel like on Sunday. Then, on Tuesday I do the advanced club ride which is 35-38 miles. I am on roads 98% of the time, but I live out in the country so quiet roads are very easy to access and though we aren’t known for it, I live in an excellently bike friendly town. I have to pay attention because motorists do make mistakes, but I feel quite safe on our roads.

      I love that I can ride daily – I need the stress relief.

  7. Anna Kochetkova says:

    Ive started my challenge (here more info: and just thinking of possibilities to cycle more! 😀

    • bgddyjim says:

      Good luck! Try a local cycling club or your local bike shop for club rides that will suit your riding style. They’ll have an early evening ride where they can show you the ropes. Club rides are the best!

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