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You Want A Salad With That?…


September 2013

This just in!!!  McDonald’s is going to start offering salads or fruit as options to french fries with their value meals…

Well, it’s about time!  So, ‘you want a salad with that Big Mac?

Of course not, are you freaking stupid?  Gimme the fries.  Sheesh.

Now I don’t eat at McDonald’s a whole lot any more because it seems that the quality of the food has gotten worse lately and I’ve bee bored with it for a while anyway (if I have to try to decide, after waiting in the drive thru line, whether or not I want to run in to trade back an hour-old fish ‘o filet that was cold a half hour before…  DAMMIT!).  That said, when I do go to McDonald’s why in God’s name would I get a salad that I could make in the comfort of my home – in about ten minutes?

So, to those higher-ups at McDonald’s:  I get it.  You’re trying to suck a little bit of ass so you can preemptively fight lawsuits, and I’m cool with that because I firmly believe that those who would sue you because they paid for and ate the food that you sell to people to eat are the worst kind of parasitic whores on the planet.  Don’t expect me to opt for that stupid salad though.

UPDATE:  I decided that, in honor of the stupidity of Mickey D’s offering salads with their value meals, I’m going to eat there for lunch – and I’ll get a large too, just for giggles.  I’ve already got 20 miles in today and I’m planning on another 20 this afternoon so what the heck?


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