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The Rain Bike…

October 2013

Today was the first day that I really needed my 5200 since I bought my Venge… We had rain all night long and it stopped about 6 am. By 9, it was clearing up but the roads were still pretty wet, so I switched the pedals out to the 5200 and took her for a long overdue spin. No chance I’d have taken the Venge out so I’m really glad I kept my Trek… However, I really had an eye-opening ride – now I know why I like that Venge so much! The shifting on the 5200 is mildly crisper (Ultegra vs. 105 on the Venge) and the chain is a lot nicer on that bike too so it’s a bit quieter, but that’s about the only two things I like about the old girl. Still, were it not for the Trek I’d have been stuck trying to fit half of what I got to ride today in.

For that alone, I am eternally grateful. Rain bikes are awesome!

42.5 miles: 2:10:56

Time for some cleanup.

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