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The Politics of a Shutdown…

October 2013

I was not surprised by the shutdown, nor the rhetoric surrounding it. Our last Governor used a shutdown (or the threat of one) to get her way every single year she was in office. Today, given the chance to explain, I have no doubt that she would cower behind the old, “it was their fault” argument.

One thing is for certain, today as it was back then: How dare you motherfuckers demand a balanced fucking budget with no tricks or gimmicks! You will pay for your insolence!

Remember that next time you hear of another open air monument being barricaded. Who’s paying for those people to barricade shit up anyway? Why aren’t they non-essential?

Oh, and did you hear the new politically correct term for non-essential? I have, but it’s not essential.

Oh, humorously enough, we haven’t been threatened with a shutdown since she left – and we have a balanced budget two years out. Our last Governor said this was not possible.


  1. Paige says:

    This comes from an article about GA House Bill 689. I don’t know a lot about group rides but this seems crazy.
    “Groups of bicycle riders would have to stay in single file lines, no more than four cyclists per line, with four feet between each bike. 50 feet would have to separate each group of four riders.”
    Is this as crazy as it seems? We don’t have problems with cyclists in Ga so I kinda wonder why the govt needs to step in.

    • bgddyjim says:

      This would effectively destroy club rides. Four feet? No more drafting – we ride with about 6-18 INCHES between riders.

      There are two reasons for the government to step into the mix. With four feet between cyclists and four in a group with 50 feet between groups, you can’t have a pace line of 20-40 riders which makes it a little tougher for a motorist to pass. Politicians will probably come at it from a “safety angle”: It’s safer for the cyclists and it’s safer for motorists, blah, blah, blah. They’re trying to ruin cycling as a sport. This passes you can be assured that no pro cyclists will be coming out of Georgia for decades to come. Call you legislator and oppose this vehemently, please.

      • Paige says:

        Thanks for helping spread the word. Georgia has been, and should continue to be, a GREAT place to ride! If they wanna help my daily commute they gotta get the tractors off the road. 😃

    • bgddyjim says:


      I’m reading through the law right now – it’s MUCH worse than just a few silly rules. I’ll have a post on it as soon as I can get all of the way through it.

    • Chatter says:

      That law is as of this morning, officially dead. Thank goodness.

      • bgddyjim says:

        I can’t even believe they thought it up in the first place!

      • Paige says:

        My understanding is that some businessman near Gainesville keeps pushing this year after year. I hope it’s gone for good but I remain cautiously optimistic. Not sure what cyclists ever did to him but apparently he doesn’t care for them.

      • bgddyjim says:

        What a dope! That law would single-handedly destroy the cycling industry for Georgia. Not only that, I’d choose North Carolina or Tennessee for my yearly vacation – as would thousands of other cyclists.

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