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Don’t Mind The Barrycades…


October 2013

A politically correct term for the US government shutdown barricades has been introduced, or so I’ve heard.  They’re calling them Barrycades now.  Anywho, if you encounter a Barrycade, and if you are an American citizen, it makes sense to me that they are for others…  Those are to keep foreigners out, no?  Here’s the logic, at least as I see it:  The Barrycades are used to block passage to government owned/run properties.  Those properties are run with government funds, AKA tax revenue (or borrowed money, as the case may be, which the taxpayers are responsible to pay off).  In other words, unless you dodge your taxes, that’s your property – so following that logic, they must be trying to keep someone else out.

Legal Disclaimer:  Even though this post makes perfect sense, cross a Barrycade at your own risk…  I really don’t know if you’d be considered to be trespassing or not – though it would seem a fun challenge, make sure you have the money for the legal battle before attempting this.  The US Government machine doesn’t exactly like being mocked – in fact, I’m a little nervous just writing this post.  That said, it’s still a free country.  Kind of.

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  1. Daniel Weise says:

    You logic is sound as is your advice on being financially prepared for the possible consequences. Here in Las Vegas, our one area of water-based natural recreation – Lake Mead, is off limits as it is a national Park and is closed. They have rangers posted at the entrance roads turning people away. That is unless you are riding a bike and then they just let you sail on by on the bike path!

    Happy Riding!

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