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Daily Archives: October 27, 2013


37.3 miles.
Temp at start: 36 degrees.
Temp at finish: 46 degrees
Wind: WSW 6 mph
Skies: mostly cloudy
18.8 mph average

Today was one of those days I was thankful that I paid so much money for all of my cold weather gear. Heading into the wind for the first 15 miles was still tough – it took quite a while to warm up but once I did I was so glad I’d gone. I really wanted to see what that BG Fitting did over a decent ride and I was definitely happy. This morning, because I am who I am, I lowered my stem by one spacer – a little more than what my saddle was lowered in my fitting the other day (gotta preserve that saddle to bar drop). I also lowered Mrs. Bgddy’s bar as well – actually, per her request, I only relaxed the angle by rotating the bar a little bit.

The All Seasons Cyclist likes to say that it’s the first 500′ after you pull out of the driveway that’s tough… It took a couple of miles today but I’m cool with calling that rounding up. I was really glad to get a decent ride in. The only thing that bummed me out was choosing to call it good at 37 instead of putting in another five or ten… I wanted to make it back for the Lions game. I should have known better – all Fourth Quarter.



Now this is more like it…

I found this over at Power Line


That about sums things up.