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October 2013

37.3 miles.
Temp at start: 36 degrees.
Temp at finish: 46 degrees
Wind: WSW 6 mph
Skies: mostly cloudy
18.8 mph average

Today was one of those days I was thankful that I paid so much money for all of my cold weather gear. Heading into the wind for the first 15 miles was still tough – it took quite a while to warm up but once I did I was so glad I’d gone. I really wanted to see what that BG Fitting did over a decent ride and I was definitely happy. This morning, because I am who I am, I lowered my stem by one spacer – a little more than what my saddle was lowered in my fitting the other day (gotta preserve that saddle to bar drop). I also lowered Mrs. Bgddy’s bar as well – actually, per her request, I only relaxed the angle by rotating the bar a little bit.

The All Seasons Cyclist likes to say that it’s the first 500′ after you pull out of the driveway that’s tough… It took a couple of miles today but I’m cool with calling that rounding up. I was really glad to get a decent ride in. The only thing that bummed me out was choosing to call it good at 37 instead of putting in another five or ten… I wanted to make it back for the Lions game. I should have known better – all Fourth Quarter.




  1. Paige says:

    Wishing your were on vacation in Ga right about now? 76 beautiful degrees!

  2. Sounds grim, good job though! 😀

  3. Daniel Weise says:

    Good for you getting out and riding! Sounds like the fitting dialed it in.

    I’m waiting on some colder weather gear right now. This morning’s 30 to 50 mph sustain with 65+ gusts winds pretty much convinced me not to ride. Hoping the winds die down to a manageable level tomorrow. 🙂

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