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Almost Time To Make Donuts…


October 2013

Ah, Michigan. 1/20th of the State gets half of the revenue sharing and the guy running for their top job, the Mayor of the City of Detroit, claims that they’re treated like second class citizens. But that’s not the sad thing: That’s the kind of bullshit that will get the guy elected.

That notwithstanding, we’re approaching winter, quickly. It’s not nasty enough to put the Venge up quite yet but we’re getting there. Tonight is the last club ride of the season (except for next week’s night ride), jackets are mandatory gear, as are full-finger gloves. Hats under the helmet are needed more frequently… Heck, I had to use lights at 5 yesterday evening.

Trainer season is less than four weeks away, barring a weather anomaly. Time to don the running shoes, to put an old tire on the 5200 and clean it up for office use… Time to dust off the DVD collection and pay up the Neflix subscription…

By the time February rolls around I’ll feel like the Dunkin Donuts “time to make the donuts” guy. Time to ride the trainer…

So, how do I, the Mahatma of Mileage, the Prince of Pedaling, stay motivated?

Dude, it’s not rocket science. Heading into spring a fat-ass*, needing to drop 20 pounds to get back up to speed, sucks. A boring hour a day, four days a week, for three months, is nothing… I’m looking at what; maybe 60 days overall, to make sure my shorts fit in the spring? No problem.

*On the use of the word fat-ass… I have been pleasantly plump, perkily pudgy if you will. Not outrageously so, but overweight nonetheless. I have no hang ups with the term, or using it on myself because I have nothing against reality.

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