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Rejoice Ladies, A Road Bike Built Specifically For You: The Specialized Alias Tri

November 2013

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or read a variation of the “it’s no fair, cycling is stacked against women because everything is made for men” comment, I’d be riding a much more expensive Venge than the one I’ve got.  Well, rejoice ladies because the tables have been turned.  Not evened up, TURNED on their head.

Specialized heard you and responded.  Not only did they come up with a great female geometry specific road bike, they set it up for triathlons as well.  Ladies, you get an out-of-the-box road bike and triathlon bike in one bike.  Meet the Alias Pro Tri:

Alias Pro TriIt’s got a decent price tag at $6,000 but what you get for the money is absolutely astounding!  Dura Ace equipped, carbon everything and Roval Rapide CL 40 carbon clinchers.  When you consider the fact that the wheelset alone goes for $2,200, you can start to understand just what a great deal this bike is.  Color me jealous.  The closest thing for us boys is the SWorks Venge and that comes with a price tag of $8,500 and we don’t get the clip on aero bars!  Better still is the middle of the road model, if the Pro Tri is too much on the budget.  Meet the Alias Comp Tri:

Alias Comp TriThis model is only $3,300!  While you’re giving up the Roval carbon clinchers, you still get Fulcrum S5’s, a formidable aluminum wheelset.  In addition you’re only dropping one component line, to Ultegra!  This bike is, without a doubt the best deal I know of for a truly high-end road bike.  For a comparable Venge you’re looking at another $700.

To round out the line they’ve got the Alias Sport Tri at $2,600 that is set up exactly like my Venge but costs $500 less!  Now, to be sure, this one comes with DT Swiss Axis 2.0 wheels.  They’re not crap wheels, but the 4.0’s came with my bike and they’re sitting out in the garage, stripped of their tires.  You’ll want to upgrade to something a lot lighter and more forgiving before you walk out of the shop with the bike.

Alias Sport Tri

Ladies the Alias utilizes the same FACT 10r Carbon that is used for my Venge, has internally routed cabling – and if the Alias is anything like my Venge, the routing is top of the line, quiet and exceptional – it has more bells and whistles than my Venge, and costs less than comparable models.  Also, looking at the Alias it appears as though it is modeled after the Venge.  The only difference is would be the feminine specific geometry, so I feel comfortable saying that the Alias will be one of the most comfortable race bikes you’ll ever ride.  If you’ve never visited my blog before, I have been gushing effusively since I bought my Venge in August.  It is truly a top-notch bike and I’ve dubbed it the bike I’ll be riding in Heaven.  My Venge is comfortable, fast, quiet and far exceeds my expectations for what I paid for it.  Given a proper fitting I cannot imagine your experience on the Alias would be any different from mine on the Venge.  Enjoy.

Fitting Note for Noobs:  There will be a trick to purchasing the right bike out of these three…  Once you decide on the right one for you, you’ll have to pick a size.  Your local bike shop will measure you up and tell you what size frame that should be if you want the bike to look like the one in the photo, saddle maybe 2″ above the handlebar.  This will be a comfortable position but not an aerodynamic one (you’ll need a greater drop from the saddle to the bar to fit your arms into the equation).  The trick is to by a size or two smaller bike.  For instance, by all measurements I should be riding a 59 cm bike.  However, because of the sloped top tube the geometry of the bike can fit a wider array of riders (how this works I have no idea, the info came from my LBS pro) so I ended up with a 56 cm frame instead and they said they could even have fit me to a 54!  Riding a smaller bike will increase how much you’ll have to raise the saddle to get in the correct position to deliver power to the pedals.  Now, straight top tube bikes are a different monster, so be careful to work closely with your shop to get the right bike for you.


  1. Kecia says:

    This is exciting!! I haven’t ridden my road bike in over a year since it just doesn’t fit me quite right. This might be the answer I’ve been looking for, although I do love Mojo. We have a great relationship!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      I hear you… I had worries about relegating my 5200 to the trainer and questionable weather days but I am very glad that I did – the Venge’s geometry is much, much more suited to me.

  2. pbanks4516 says:

    It’s so pretty! Now I just have to decide which kidlet drops out of college for a semester to finance it. 🙂

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