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56 miles to a new personal best…


November 2013

In January I set a goal of 5,000 miles for the year.  Last year I hit 5,364 but spent a lot of time on the bike to do it.  Also, I was going 13-14 days in a row without a day off and by the time winter had rolled around, I was tired.  I figured trying to beat that would be too much two years in a row and I wanted to work in at least one day off a week – but I didn’t want to short-change myself either so I settled on the even 5,000 with the caveat that it was quite okay to fall short of the goal if I had fun and increased my average speed…

Well, after my ride on the training wheels today I’ve only got 56 miles to go to pass up last year’s total mileage and I managed to stick to my one, even two days off a week.  With my work, this is nothing short of amazing as I see it.

In the last three seasons, since I started tracking my mileage, I’ve managed to ride the equivalent of just over halfway around the world and burned off the equivalent of almost 1,260 burgers off of my gut – translated that’s 678,970 calories or roughly 193 pounds.  32 pounds more than I currently weigh.

And just in time for Thanksgiving!

To all of my American cyber-friends, have a safe and wonderful (and long) Thanksgiving Weekend.


  1. Sandra says:

    Right back atcha! 🙂 Congratulations–what an awesome goal. Makes my goal seem so little 😉

  2. Love this! Seems like you’ve been busy,and have certainly EARNED your thanksgiving holiday!

  3. tischcaylor says:

    That is simply awesome!

  4. swanny32 says:

    Nice work! Glad to hear others are reaching the goals they’ve set. I’m 80miles away from my 3k mile goal on my bike this year. Trying to figure out what to shoot for next year. Keep it up!

  5. Kecia says:

    Congratulations!! That is AWESOME!! The question begs…are you tired like you were last year? 😉

    • bgddyjim says:

      I was getting tired going into October, but there were reasons for that… I had a HUGE August, 800 miles in that month alone. Also, my speed picked up considerably over last year… For the Assenmacher 100 last year I think I completed that one at 19 mph. This year was 21.8 on open roads (we had to obey all traffic laws)… Also, on my big club ride I went from 19.5-20.5 mph to 21-21.5. Both were considerable gains considering I was already in great shape. So yes, I did get tired toward the end, but it was definitely understandable. All things considered, I’m VERY happy with my year. And thank you, by the way.

  6. Wow that’s real impressive!! Keep up the good work!

  7. elisariva says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! You will ride right past your record with time left to enjoy a bountiful Christmas as well!

  8. Mark Yeo says:

    An awesome and inspirational post. Half way round the world. How many people can say that? Happy thanksgiving.

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