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Daily Archives: December 8, 2013

Lions Out of Their Element!

The Detroit Lions are playing in Philadelphia today – it will go down as one of the epic winter snow games! Check it out if you can – it’s hilarious.

Trek vs Specialized

Let’s just say I was torn by this vote (first time that happened since I started voting in ’88 – I was 18).


Trek Domane 4.3 2013 grey silverSpecialized venge expert ultegra grey silver red 2014

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How do you make use of the Turbo Trainer time?

Yesterday it was sunny but cold – really cold.  I brought my trainer home at Mrs. Bgddy’s request so rather than bundle up and fight the cold, the Mrs. and I spent some training wheel time.

There are several things I work on when I choose to be confined to the trainer, every workout: I throw in a few sprints, then I pedal slow (50 rpm + or -) and steady in the hardest gear so I can concentrate on making each muscle set work as my feet orbit the bottom bracket. Then I spin a couple of gears lower to work on a smooth, round pedal stroke.

From there I spend some time in the drops, trying to rest my forehead on the stem while I pedal away – on a road bike, for a simple enthusiast in my third year of cycling this is no small task – especially considering the more than 4″ drop from my saddle to the stem.

There is a method to this madness. First and foremost, I want to improve my flexibility for the next year.  I’ve done this since last year and it helped quite a bit.  This year I’ve got a great drop on my new road bike but I want to be able to swap one more spacer next season… I’m able to ride a lot lower and more comfortably on my Venge and this really helped my speed. I want a little more of that next year and the way I see it, I might as well work on something worthwhile when I’m opting for the trainer over riding outside all bundled up.

Now, so far this month I haven’t really been burning up the mag drive to work on speed, I’ll will pick up in January and accelerate through February so I can be ready to go in March.

In addition to working on my own “stuff”, I’m able to help Mrs. Bgddy with some of the things that trouble her – without troublesome entanglements like stop lights, stop signs, traffic, and um, balance.  For instance, pedaling through taking a drink and a consistent, smooth, round pedal stroke…

Interestingly, the Mrs. has been able to help me with a thing or two as well!  Funny how life works like that, eh?  Here I am, a stable of bikes, 5,300 miles a year, the ability to maintain all the family bikes (six different braking systems, five shifting systems, etc.), and my wife is helping me.  I just can’t beat that with a stick:

Bikes:  $6,490
Cycling Clothing:  $1,780
Cycling Accessories:  $1,285
Bicycle Maintenance:  $325
Realizing that the woman  you’re married and committed to (for almost two decades now) is a hot chick on a bike:  Priceless

Oh, what does my wife help me with?  Proper cycling technique while distracted of course.  I won’t get too deeply into the details, I just thank God we were on the training wheels – there’s no way that ends well on the road.

So, the question I have is this:  What do you work on when relegated to the turbo, or do you simply pedal away dreaming of spring?