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Bring Back The Spittoons! And Other Fun News Items

Ah, the killjoy anti-smoking whores are at it again.  Now they want to stop people from puffing on e-cigs in public “because it’s unclear whether it’s safe or not”.

I’m about this close to chewing (tobacco, girls) so I can hock a big, fat, juicy, brown loogie on the sidewalk every chance I get.

Unclear whether steam is safe?… If you want e-cigs banned indoors because you really are afraid it may be unsafe, you might want to check your wife’s purse for your balls [I came up with the female equivalent and it’s funny as hell, but I think it’d go over like a lead balloon so I’ll refrain] – or you may even be a nut.  If, as is normal with these liars, you’re using the health angle as an argument only because you hate seeing e-cigs – you simply don’t like it, you’re more than likely a lying, manipulative, first-class f***ing a$$#ole.

I have chewed in the past…   Think about it smokers – you can get your fix on a plane, anywhere, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Nothing.  These anti-smoking dopes are two steps away from bringing spittoons back – and I hope they get some loogie on their shoe.  At least that’ll be safe for their lungs, spiteful b@st@rds.

PS  I quit cigarettes more than a decade ago and I don’t plan on going back to it.  On the other hand, the “second hand smoke” crowd is going too far with their attacks on e-cigs…  IMAO.  Take the “third-hand” smoke argument they’re turning to.  What the hell is that?  Whiffing the fart of someone who smelled second-hand smoke?  C’mon.

In other idiotic newsThree inmates sued because it’s too hot on death row.  Well, that can be rectified, can’t it?!  Next!  “Any last words”?  Somebody obviously wasn’t thinking when they filed that lawsuit.

Finally we have this:
Dear God in Heaven, where to begin.  I would kick my own ass simply for wearing those pansy PJ’s in the first place.  Seriously.  Bloodied and battered.  Now some accounts say that you’re not supposed to like pajama boy, that the advertisement is some subliminal dog call for young people to do what the ad says because they don’t like the guy in the ad.  Uh, yeah.

Here’s the reality:  That ad is Washington DC.  It encapsulates in a picture exactly what Democrat politicians and spinster bureaucrats think should be popular with men – limp wristed, onesie wearing, hot chocolate drinking sissies – because this is who they are.  Now I’ve seen another ad (again for Obamacare) with that guy and that dude isn’t that much of a sissy…  It looks to me that he was done-up and posed that way on purpose.  Can’t make it up.

My personal advice is absolutely talk about getting health insurance – with an insurance agent and quickly.  You’ve just been given a year’s reprieve to get into an existing plan.  I wouldn’t go near the exchanges if you paid me…  Oh wait, you would have paid me in the form of a subsidy.  You ever wonder how many other things were lied about to get that Bill passed?  You already know the president was crossing his fingers when he said you could keep your plan – and if you didn’t lose it this year, you will next year when the business mandate kicks in (65% chance).  How about price controls and that non-elected death panel?  How about the promise that your taxes won’t go up if you make less than $250,000?  The subsidy cutoff for the exchanges is just over $80,000 if I remember correctly – so much for that.  The truth is Democrats sold you out to get that Bill passed and you will pay – no matter what the promises were.  You’re seeing this reality already if you’re paying attention.  The one thing the president did say that we know wasn’t a lie is this:  “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”…

Unless you skip the cafeteria and head out to Burger King.  But then that depends on your definition of the word “free”, eh?  Mmmm.  Whoppers…