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The Nerf Arms Race – The Nucular Option

My daughters both own an impressive array of the Nerf Rebelle weapons. They found it humorous to pepper their old man whenever the mood struck. To make matters worse, Mrs. Bgddy enjoyed either egging them on or starting a battle herself with a borrowed Nerf gun… And she asked for a Rebelle five-shooter of her own for Christmas.

Now, I like to think of my wife as the kind and caring, wonderful mother of my children – unfortunately she’s got a mean streak too and I didn’t see an unarmed me fairing too well.

Ronaldus Magnus

Having Ronaldus Magnus as my tied for second favorite President (George Washington being an obvious first, Lincoln tied for second), and not having a $17 Trillion deficit, I knew what to do…

Meet the aptly named Retaliator:


18 and 12 shot clips, pump action, removable stock with top and bottom picatinny rails… If there was a such thing as an assault rifle, that’s the toy version of it.

Sometimes, ya know, ya just gotta go nucular.


Miss me yet?

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Merry Christmas My Friends…

I saw the following photo on a blog that I follow closely – the story behind the photo is quite special but the lone cyclist working up the mountain really hit my recovery bone too.

I love being that guy – on my bike. I love knowing that most people will never bother getting on a bike on a daily basis, let alone ride it to the base of a mountain for the joy of riding up it… I just love being that guy.

Recovery is a different animal entirely. Going it alone doesn’t get it . Oh, I can make it through the lonely times, I’ve done it before, but true happiness and enjoyment spring from my enormous group of friends – from the recovery community, of which I am a contributing member. From my wonderfully devoted and loving wife, from my kids. From my blogging and cycling friends.

Cycling solo and pushing myself until a point when most people think I’m nuts is fun, cool even. In life though, drafting – having friends who are happy to share the burden – is much preferred.

Once in the draft, all that is left to remember is that the draft does not exist for my comfort or to ease my journey… It exists so that I may recharge and hit it harder when it’s my turn to take the lead. It exists because we are greater, faster and stronger than me.


Merry Christmas from the winter wonderland that is Michigan and Fit Recovery.