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Faith without works is dead… The truth about willingness…

My wife shared a quote the other day that really resonated with me…  We’ve probably all heard the quote “Faith without works is dead” but if you’re one of the minority (ten or fifteen percent or so) of people who isn’t religious, much can be lost in the meaning because of your knee-jerk negative reaction to the word “faith”.  In addition, even if you do get it, the saying is used when talking about helping others.

How often have you come to a crossroads in your life?  How often have you decided that tomorrow will be the day that I change?  Tomorrow will be the day I lose weight, tomorrow will be the day when I finally hit the gym or go for a walk.  Tomorrow will be the day I quit drinking.  Tomorrow will be the day I quit cheating, lying or stealing…  Only to find that tomorrow never comes.  There is a flip-side to Faith without works is dead…  All of the willingness in the world and one dollar will get you a cup of coffee:

Willingness without action is fantasy.

When a workout isn’t a workout: December Snow Edition…

I had an awesome childhood.  In fact, I may be one of only a handful of recovering drunks in all of southeastern Michigan who were so fortunate.  That said, we lived way out in the country so we were allowed, as early as seven years old, to run about the neighborhood.  This meant on non-school days that we were gone playing before ten am, showed up for lunch and then were back out until dark.  During the winter we spent much of our time skating on the pond or at the “big hill” in a field a half-mile from our house.  My parents were doing whatever parents did while their kids are out tearing up the neighborhood.

It has been a goal of mine, ever since my wife and I decided to have kids in the first place, to be a better dad than mine was – and those are some pretty big shoes to fill.  I’ve done my best and in a lot of ways I think I’ve lived up to the goal, even done better than I’d hoped.  Today was yet another day of snow and with Christmas out of the way Mrs. Bgddy and I suited the kids up for a day at the sledding hill at the park six miles from our house.  My buddy English Pete even showed up with his daughters so we all had a raucous time.

I’ll tell you what…  At 43 years-old, when my dad was already slowing down, it sure is cool to be able to sled with my kids.  I took them out for a McDonald’s lunch, dropped Mrs. Bgddy off at home and took them back out to the hill for another couple of hours to work lunch off.  I don’t know how many times we went up and down that hill but it was a lot and it  was an absolute blast.  If not for all of that cycling and running there’s no way I’d be in good enough shape to wear my girls out.  I am a grateful man.