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The 2014 Look Ahead: A Nice Problem to Have…

When it comes to looking ahead to 2014, I’ve got a problem:  I am content.  2013 was an awesome year:  New bike, great speed and fitness gains, lots of long rides with a bunch of great new friends, a lot of fun riding with my wife, a week in the mountains and a great base of miles.

The question is, where to go from here?  As of December 2012, I didn’t think I could ride any faster than I was without putting in a lot of specialty training that I wasn’t willing to do.  I was mistaken.

For 2014 I have a few rides I want to add to the mix, maybe finally figure out the logistics on the One Day Ride Across Michigan, maybe try for the blessing to do the DALMAC (Lansing to Mackinac Island in four days).  I know for certain that my big three rides won’t change unless unforeseen circumstances change them…  The Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery (100k), Tour des Lac (100 miles) and the Assenmacher 100 (100 miles).  I will be joining in, I think, with some of the guys from the club for some long weekend jaunts and I’m going to try to stick with every Tuesday for the club ride again for 2014.

As far as time and speed go, I’m just going to let come what may.  If I get a PB or two, great.  If not, I’ll be close but I don’t foresee spending too much time worrying about that.

For training I picked up the Road Cyclist’s Training Manual (more on that in another post – it’s pretty awesome) and I’ve already started on the training plan under the assumption that my hard workouts aren’t hard enough and my easy workouts are too hard (at least according to the RCTM).  It does make a lot of sense but time will tell (if it doesn’t bore me).

Finally, the last part of this is my blog. Again, I don’t have plans to change anything as far as my site goes – I can say this, if nothing else, it’s provided a lot of good times, fun and a few surprises.  It’s also given me something to keep me honest and motivated.

My main goal for 2014, the one thing that I want to apply to everything in my life, is to keep my foot on the gas.

Happy New Year everyone.