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You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet. BUT…

Saying no to a drink has become second nature.  Saying no to a piece of pie?  Not so much, yet this is what is required if I want to stay trim and fit.

Therein lies the rub.  The more fit I am and the more calories I burn, the less “bad” things hurt my awesomeness.  The more I can justify a piece of pie, the more I do.  The more pie I eat off-season, the bigger my ass gets…  Before long it’s time to start all over again.

My greatest failing this year, as far as diet and exercise goes, has been in maintaining the ability to pass on stuff that tastes great but looks like hell on the gut in the off-season.  I know I’ll be able to lose my current extra twelve pounds inside a month-and-a-half once April rolls around but it drives me a little nuts that I’m over 170 again.  Last year I had no problem locking my diet down through the winter – in fact I only gained a few pounds while the snow was on the ground.  This year I took my foot off of the gas, in more ways than one…

Controlling what, and how, I eat is a lot like abstaining from alcohol – the only difference being that I have to eat.  The trick is restricting what I choose to eat.  See, I’m not one to overeat when it comes to the salad bar but put a plateful of 3-cheese nachos with some chicken and hot salsa in front of me and you’d be best to keep your hands from the vicinity of my plate lest you lose a digit in the mayhem.  Fast food is another huge problem area for me.  During cycling season I have no problem burning off a Big Mac or two during the course of a week.  That stretch from mid-November to present, at least this year, has been pretty tough though.  To make matters worse, my wife likes me with the added weight, so whenever I pass on a piece of pie, she’s there to goad me into eating it.

Now as far as my wife goes, I’m a big boy and in the end I do what pleases me so any failure on my part is my problem.  Using the wife as an excuse, while valuable to some people, won’t cut it with me, so please don’t go to the comments section to bemoan my situation.

Now, as far as weight goes, I knew I was packing on a few extra pounds.  I could see it in the mirror.  On the other hand, I have cut my diet back a bit for the winter, just not far enough apparently, so I’ll change a few things around to cut a few pounds so I can hopefully find a happy medium between a happy wife and a happy me.

While there is truth to the axiom that you can’t outrun a bad diet, I can outrun a good dieteven through the winter.