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Personal Protection While Running and Cycling.

I read a post about a girl who was brutally attacked and murdered while running in a park.  She was home for Christmas from college.

In his post the author suggested that women carry a taser or pepper spray if they run alone…

First, both are viable options but I’d back the pepper spray up with something more… Lethal, or at least damaging.  Spray alone is a nice touch, especially if you’re a pacifist, but these attacks happen in city parks because there is little chance of adverse consequence to the crook. The taser is cool but a bit bulky to conceal while cycling or running.

Personally, I’ve had enough with these attacks and would like to respectfully recommend a knife/pepper spray combo (good for cycling and running).  It’s time to do something to actually stop the attacks.  Being aware is great, but being aware and unarmed and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.  The only way to end them is to make their attempt costly.

Now, it just so happens that I know an ex-criminal or two so I’m about to pass on what one in particular shared with my wife and I for when we run in Flint (we carry knives – legal size of course – and much lighter than a cop).  First, this is not the movies.  Criminals know if they show up to a hospital with a bunch of twelve-inch knife wounds, questions will be asked so they do not want that to happen.  Most will see the blade and run like the punks they are.  If you choose the pepper spray/knife combo, aim for the eyes, pull your knife and wait until he’s down before you call the cops.  If he runs away, let him go, call the cops.  Second, do not hold your knife like they do in the movies. You do not want to stab your perp and hope you hit something good. You want to fuck his ass up and get him the hell away from you.  Be brutal.  Hold your knife with the handle in your palm, blade forward so the sharp part of the blade starts just passed your pinkie finger (hold your arm extended as if you just threw a punch, make a fist – if you’re right-handed the sharp part of the blade will point forward and to your extreme right – left-handed same principle, blade sticks out to the left – now angle the non-sharp part of the blade back toward your forearm so you can get some leverage and your set). If your attacker comes at you, punch and slash – go LONG. This is how you do efficient damage.  Go for the face and throat, eyes and if you must, hands and wrists.

For knives, if you wish to comply with the law, check with your local law enforcement agency’s website. Get a high quality blade with a quick release.  If you’re left-handed, make sure to get a double or reversible thumb stud and learn how to open it and move it into position in your hand in a heartbeat. If you don’t want to resort to hand to hand first, run with a can of pepper spray in your weak hand with the blade (folded of course) in the strong hand as a backup (if you carry a water bottle, get one with a strap – blade in that hand against the bottle, spray in the other).  If you are cycling do NOT spray straight forward in the direction you’re going, the blow-back will blind you.  Spray to either side.

Ladies, you are attacked by evil fucking people… If some guy comes at you with a knife, do you want to take the chance that if you just let him screw you he’ll leave you alone?  Only to find out, “Oops he planned on using that knife after all” like the guy who took that girl’s life?!

Finally, now that I’ve pissed a bunch of hippies and pacifists off, take those damned ear buds the fuck out of your head and pay attention to your surroundings.  Look at it this way:  Rapists are looking for the chick with the ear buds…  They’re the one’s who are not paying attention.  They’re the easy targets.

Now, personally, I don’t care what the law says about carrying a knife.  If they ever decide to ban them they’ll just have to catch me.  I’d much prefer explaining to an officer that it was unfortunate that an attacker bled out on the way to the hospital than it be me – or worse, my wife, lying there bleeding to death on a trail.

Sintesi vs RTS

Good luck voting on this one! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! Awesome.


Sintesi M2 2013 yellow white Dura AceRTS Carbon TTR7 team edition black yellow 2014 sram red

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Global Warming Scientists, Studying Global Warming and a Lack of Ice, Get Stuck in Ice…

The current situation plaguing global warming scientists down in Antarctica has had me doubled over laughing since Christmas when they got stuck in the ice to begin with.  Apparently we need to relocate some polar bears to Antarctica

It’s too perfect:  Global warming adventure scientists travel to Antarctica to prove to the world that the ice is going the way of the dodo…  Scientists get their ice-breaker stuck in the ice.  They send in a rescue ice-breaker in to get them free.  The rescue ice-breaker gets stuck.  They helicopter the folks out to another ice-breaker that gets stuck in the ice…  IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE’S SUMMER…

Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than that.  It’s almost as good as Al Gore getting snowed on every time they set a Global Warming confab in the middle of winter.  Of course, this will all be blamed on global climate change.

Ah well folks, the rest of us can laugh while they’re ducking for cover.  Just be prepared – every time these dopes are made fools of by mother nature, they push back even harder.  The fact that the ice is so thick should be rejoiced along with the reality that the warmists were mistaken.  Alas, this will not be the case.

And a few funnies from my favorite political blog:




Oh, I’ll bet he’s got one…

Sports and Recovery: Beating Race Day Anxiety

I read a post the other day written by a swimmer who made her life hell by worrying about every aspect of her career – in fact she even went so far as to say her anxiety held her back.  Now, I want to make this very clear:  Some cases of anxiety require professional attention.  As I am not a professional, other than having beaten anxiety with the help of several knowledgeable people, the technique in this post will work against extreme cases but is should be used only under the help and care of a pro.

Race Day and/or performance anxiety is bad enough but throw down-time anxiety into the mix and an athlete can make life rough.

Now, I don’t know much about competition because reality being what it is, I’m not into fitness for the competition, I’m in it for the fun and food. Recovery, however, has forced me into dealing with heavy day-to-day anxiety.  Think nervous wreck and panic attacks.  I know a little bit about anxiety.

I was taught early on in sobriety that the key to managing anxiety is a daily inventory.  In addition, we have a saying that goes, I’m only as sick as my secrets.  Now for a recovering person some of the secrets are pretty gnarly and can take quite a bit of unraveling so it’s good to have someone to trust with my secrets.  A shared secret loses its power over us.  With sports and fitness, while performance usually isn’t life-threatening, one can certainly work oneself into a lather – the important point to remember here is that anxiety is rooted in fear.  At the end of my drinking career I had spiraled down to the fear of losing my parent’s support, the fear of being homeless, the fear of dying (I didn’t treat my liver too well), and the fear of recovering (what if my life sucked and was boring?).  Athletic performance fear, though not quite life threatening, can be just as bad though – especially for the professional athlete:  The fear of losing what one has, losing the lifestyle, losing favor with fans…  Now, I don’t mean to belittle race day anxiety.  In fact, by its very nature, because it isn’t life-threatening, these fears can be even more subtle and difficult to nail down and thereby, fix.

Rather than drag this one out I’m going to get right to it because the solution to conquering anxiety, even when it’s life and death, is hard but simple. 

First, especially in my case as a drunk, I had to straighten up.  How this translates to sports performance is that if I’m phoning it in, if I’m not giving my best on my scheduled workouts, then I need to straighten that up.  If, on the other hand, I am giving it my best then I have to look elsewhere for the root of my fears – am I being too critical, etc.

Once I get the root fear figured out I can work on a daily inventory.  This inventory is, again, difficult but very simple:  At any given moment, am I doing the next right thing to further my goals, to stay sane or to conquer my fear?  If the answer is no, then I have work to do and I get to it.  If the answer is yes, then the answer is to let that thinking go (higher power, God, universe…).  Then I change the tape that is playing through my head:  “I am doing everything I can do at this moment, this fear is not real, it is in my head and it will be beaten, etc..  Do this long enough and you will triumph.

At the end of the day I take another inventory, this one for the day.  Have I cut any corners, have I lied, cheated or stolen.  Where did I fall short and where did I excel…  This is the heart and soul of living a clean and happy life and I’m here to tell you;  If this can keep a newly recovering drunk sane, it’ll work on performance anxiety.  This leads us to the final question in the inventory for the evening:  Is there anything else that I can do right now to rectify my shortcomings?  If the answer is yes, I get to it.  If the answer is no, I sleep well and take action first thing in the morning.

The reason that I say the inventory is difficult is that it’s tough to get used to keeping the inventory at the forefront rather than reverting back to the old way of doing things and thinking.  It takes a lot of practice but this is the key to beating anxiety:  Taking account and action.