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Organic Food Causes Autism and the Graph to Prove It!

The following graph that shows the rise in the amount of money spent on organic food and the increase in autism:

The way the hyperventilation normally works, all organic food should be outlawed based solely on this chart which, according to its author (linked above), is more honest than the famous (and BS) global warming hockey stick (there is no “hid[ing] the decline” or “trick[s]”).  In fact, there’s plenty of information out there that purports to show serious problems in organic farming and food.

The truth is though, because I’m more honest than your average global warming huckster or politician and I’m several orders of magnitude less ignorant that your average non-immunizing, granola crunching tree-hugger, I can pass on the reality of the chart above:  It’s correlation not causation – it is meant to show the danger in confusing the two.  What the graph shows, in the wrong hands, is certainly damning and so are some (certainly not all) of the warnings against eating organic food in the first place but to base laws on this utter idiocy is getting ridiculous.  In this case the chart doesn’t fit the template so it will be dutifully ignored so don’t worry organic food eaters…  You’re safe.

The fight against GMO foods, while often compelling, is based on ignorance and pseudo-science.  A biology major at the University of Hawaii put it best in a City Counsel meeting as detailed in this NYT Article that discussed the “scientific consensus that GMO’s are safe in which a Hawaiian Democrat fights his “own people” to get to the truth about GMO’s:  “My mom ate organic food  exclusively and did yoga all the time, and she died of a brain aneurysm,” Mr. Kambic said. “According to the logic of people here [those fighting to ban GMO seeds and plants (food) from the island], she was killed by organic food and yoga.”  The truth is GMO’s are vastly safer than cross-breeding.  In the case of many wars on whatever, a demon is sought, both to sell books or control people.  Causation is inserted in place of correlation and the cause of the day is transformed into a movement.  The movement takes on cult-like followers, incapable of understanding their own gullibility, certainly incapable of rationality and a new industry is born.  I have a good friend in the food service industry who explained this phenomenon simply:  It’s a great way to separate a fool from his money.  What’s lost is that “big Agra” wins either way.  We know that Monsanto sells the GMO seeds.  Well who do you think sells non-GMO seeds?  One guess is all you should need – and now they can charge a premium for inferior seeds.

In the end what is happening is that you must be distracted.  Everyone wants to fight something and that is used against the gullible.

The question is what will you fight for?  Are you so blinded that you’ll allow yourself to be misled?

I’d be willing to bet that the truth is Autism hasn’t grown – it is more regularly diagnosed.  Ten years ago 1 in 300 were diagnosed with autism.  Five years ago (or so) the number was 1 in 150.  Now it’s closer to 1 in 110 according to what I’ve seen and heard in commercials.  If I had to place my lunch on the line I’d bet they changed the parameters of what qualifies as “autism”.  In other words, autism hasn’t increased or changed.  It’s much more likely that they simply lowered the standards, like the “Enhanced Fujita Scale” for tornadoes where an F-5 (the worst) was downgraded from 261-318 mph anything greater than 200 mph.  In the “new scale”, what used to be F-4’s are now EF-5’s.  The old F-3’s are now EF-4’s and 5’s and so forth.

Just a thought.  Seek the truth, not the truth that fits what you want to believe.