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Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

Don’t live like there’s no tomorrow…

On the passing of my friend Bill, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a message that he appreciated – we had a long chuckle over this one together:

Don’t live like there’s no tomorrow, that would be silly. If there were no tomorrow, would you bother with work? Of course not, you’d phone it in. Let them fire you. To hell with your customers. Piss on the boss/company.

Instead, simply live like you mean it.

Meditation: Am I giving life my best shot? Am I doing my best at any given moment? Am I including the enjoyable things with the responsibilities in that balance?

If not, there’s no time like the present. Just sayin’.

Recovery Loses One of it’s Finest…

The recovery community of southeastern Michigan is writing a lot of posts like this today…

If there could ever be anyone credited with holding my marriage together through the darkest time my wife and I have known together (other than my wife and I and God of course), it was Bill Thompson.  Sure, we showed up to his office and put in the work but Bill (who ran an outpatient treatment center but saved marriages on the side) got us to look at our marriage from a perspective that most normal marriage counselors simply don’t “get”.

Bill was a semi-fit fellow, a little bigger than average but he definitely put his time in at the gym.  He was a friend and mentor and will be sorely missed.

I don’t think anyone would make the leap that Bill was perfect, he had his fleas just like the rest of us but if not for his faults he may not have been able to help me fix mine – and that’s what counts.

Rest in peace my friend.  I hope they have Harleys in Heaven (and Specialized Venge’s too).