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How to get lost in the woods…

January 2014

I watch Survivor Man, passionately. I love that show. If ever I am lost in the woods, I will be able make fire (I always carry a lighter though a flint stick would be wise too), make a shelter and stay relatively warm. I know not to sweat when it’s freezing, get out of the wind, etc.

One thing that always drives me up a wall though is the fact that Les almost always has to resort to eating grubs and other nasty shit.

See, I live in the greatest Country on earth… I can carry a pistol in damn near every State in the Union (I have the list on my computer and I won’t visit those few States I can’t). I don’t leave home for a hunting trip without at least 50 rounds, spare magazines and my cleaning kit… For two pistols (one for big stuff and one for small) in addition to my crossbow.

Now, I can nail a squirrel in the eye at 20 yards with the crossbow. At 30 I can make the heart/lung shot on a deer without breaking a sweat. The pistols are a less accurate (no scope) but either will do in a pinch.

In other words, daddy’s eating.

My number one rule: Enjoy the great outdoors as was intended, happily an heavily armed… And leave it as if you were never there.


  1. Daniel Weise says:

    I agree Les certainly does resort to eating some pretty disgusting things. Of course that is part of the premise of the show so I don’t fault him too much. If you were in this situation and had little or no resources, this is what you can do…

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