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Yes Ma’am….


I’m feeling a little under the weather right now as a matter of fact…

Four Senators Prove They Need A New Job…

Four Democrat Senators sent a letter complaining about stars smoking eCigs at the Golden Globes.  They whined that stars shown puffing them sends the wrong message to kids.

If that isn’t stupid enough on its own, the Senators missed completely the unbelievable supply of alcohol on each table. What, free flowing booze doesn’t send a bad message to the kiddies?

Humorously (or sadly as the case is) these four dopes are a part of a cabal that can’t balance a checkbook within a trillion dollars.  Now if that doesn’t send a bad freaking message to ‘the children’ I don’t know what does.

You know, we can fix this… Let’s come up with a way to main-line nicotine to save these four Senators the horror of seeing adults puffing an eCig.  Of course, then we’ll have to deal with seeing Leo shoot up during the Golden Globes but hey, look at the bright side: we can say he’s advocating for the little people getting their flu shot.

The four Senators in question, Dick Durbin (D-The Peoples Republic of Illinois), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Sherrod Brown (D-OH – really Ohio? C’mon man, broom this guy) and Edward Markey (D-CCCP-MA) have shown an amazing lack of tolerance and restraint, but more importantly that they obviously don’t respect their job.  It’s time for them to experience the private sector folks… Elect a new dope who at least knows his place the next chance you get.  It’s time to let them know that until they show a real surplus and start paying down their debt, their moral superiority card is revoked.

Politicians and pet peeves…  Sheesh, something about splinters, tree limbs and eyes comes to mind.