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On the Celebration of Life…

I am going to try to be very careful about how I choose my words in this post because I have to be honest; after my dad’s passing, my brain to mouth filter is a bit more, um, porous over the last couple of days.

While I am terribly broken up over my dad’s passing and will miss him greatly, his death also provides many reasons to be grateful.

For instance:

My wife has been nothing short of stellar through this.  To say we’ve grown closer through this would be an understatement of Biblical proportions.  My dad’s passing has also given my wife and I the opportunity (and we’ve seized it) to teach our kids how to accept death and celebrate life.  It’s also given me a finer perspective on the importance of being a good dad.  My brothers, sisters and I aren’t often in the same State at the same time, let alone having the chance sit down and eat together.  We will have that chance several times over the next few days.  Also, working together to get the funeral through the burial together has been nothing but good for us as a family.  I spoke with my best friend for the first time in almost two years ago yesterday, it was good.  On a normal day I have distractions; this job needs to be quoted, that job needs manpower, this company is late in paying for their services rendered, that guy is going to miss work because his doctor only schedules appointments between 10 am and 2 pm – and obviously it’s too much to ask for a little notice…it’s always something.  For once, at least for a few days, everything has worked out so all I have to do is concentrate on celebrating my dad’s life and enjoying time with my wife, kids and siblings.  Finally, I have a tough time grasping, or maybe understanding, what my place is in society.  While I do have a healthy opinion of who I am, actually seeing evidence of how many people care has been really cool, even a little surprising.

So, while I’m quite broken up many good things have come from the process of grieving my dad’s passing.