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Unexpected Sadness…

Between bowling yesterday and heading into the office today I was hit with an empty feeling that I just can’t quite put my finger on.  I certainly understand it, first day after the funeral, first day back to work…  The funny thing is that I half-expected that I’d simply be okay – with all of the time that we had through my dad’s deterioration I assumed I’d be more prepared than I turned out to be… 

Apparently this is going to take a little more work than I thought.

Fortunately, I know the formula:  One day at a time, the next right thing at any given moment.  Rinse and repeat.  Say my prayers, eat my vitamins, and ride like I can make the wheels fall off.

20 Habits That Will Make You Highly Successful

Love this post! I agree with (and actually DO) all but a few of these. The active break every 90 minutes is a new one to me, and one I will adopt.

Everything Swim Bike and Run and the Occasional Life Encounters

The most successful people in the world are the most motivated – correct?

Not entirely.

Successful people habits to become successful jay-z warren buffett

It isn’t motivation that creates success, but habit and action. The most successful people in the world definitely have passion for what they do, but passion that isn’t accompanied by action is rendered useless.

It is your habits, more than anything, that will lead to your eventual success.

If your days are dominated by habits that help you on your journey to success, you’ll one day find yourself exactly where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing, earning what you want to be earning.

20 Habits That Will Make You A Success

1. Don’t define success with a dollar amount, but in relation to your happiness.

The habit of defining success with a dollar amount will lead you to constantly chasing a higher price point. It’s a chase that will never…

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