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The Stable is Complete!… For now

I finally got down to fixing up my Cannondale, the last bike in the stable this last week…

I ordered a saddle from the Specialized Outlet the other day for my Cannondale and stopped by the bike shop for some new bar tape on Tuesday, ironically about 30 minutes before my dad died.

Last week I had the frame straightened, stretched and manipulated for new wheels so that bike, finally, is complete and looks good.

What started this was a ride on the Cannondale, the last ride of the season, with the Specialized Romin saddle from my 5200.  The setup of the Cannondale just doesn’t work with that saddle.  First, the Romin has almost no padding. With an all aluminum bike (not even a carbon fork), the lack of padding simply hurts too much over the long haul, even with $150 shorts.  Second, the C’dale is a 54 cm frame, small for a 6′ tall guy so the seat post is raised quite a bit over the top tube to get the right saddle height.  I’m also a bit particular about keeping the stem down so what I end up with borders on a pro setup, without the masseuse or flexibility.  With a drop like that, I end up putting a lot of pressure on a few places that don’t take pressure too well.  While I know better than to buy a granny seat, having an aggressive saddle with just a couple of more millimeters of padding made sense (at least so far)…and it just so happened that they had such a saddle on sale in the outlet for only twenty bucks. 

The only two things left are trying to find a nail polish to match the Cannondale’s blue paint (no easy task) and to fix a couple of the decals.  If it comes to it, I have a feeling I’ll be able to pick up some model paint in the right color and that will work just fine – actually in this case that might be the way to go as the finish should match better with model paint.  I’ve got time for that though, that’ll be something for when I need something to do.


Sometimes it takes years to understand ‘Why’…

Often it can take years to understand the ‘why’ of something, for everything to take shape in such a way that one can see the full picture.  If lucky… or perhaps more properly stated, if we are paying attention, we can look back and have that “ah-ha” moment.   That moment of clarity when we understand that not only was the work necessary, it was worth it.

I’m going to break my anonymity a bit for this post, I hope you’ll survive, I know I will.  I wrote yesterday about feeling a little bit sad about my first day back at the office.  While it is advised to let it happen and roll with it, I don’t like being sad, about anything.  I talked to my wife for a few minutes about how I was feeling and got on with my day.  I was taught long ago to “feel it” until I’m ready to change that feeling, until I’m done with it and ready to take action.

Action I took.  I felt sad until I was tired of it and then took to fixing it.  I left the office a little bit early to drop some paperwork off to the proper people on my dad’s behalf and called my sponsor and talked things over with him on the way.  The conversation maybe lasted ten minutes and we talked about the five stages of grief and how I could move forward, a few books I could peruse and so forth.  I dropped off the paperwork and by the time I got home I was in a much better place.

Once in a great while though, you get to see the ‘why’ happen in a matter of hours.  Sitting on the couch about 7 last evening and my brother called to say that he was feeling odd because he was going through an unexpected sad/melancholy stretch that he couldn’t quite put his finger on…  Imagine that.

I gave him a chance to talk about what he was going through then explained what I’d gone through earlier – and more importantly, how I dealt with it and turned the situation into something positive.  When the conversation wound down we both resolved to pick the phone up a little more often.  Folks, I’m here to tell you, it just doesn’t get any better than that in my world.

Expectedly, I feel like a hundred bucks today.