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If God Had Intended…

January 2014

If God had intended on humans being vegans…

Bacon would grow on trees.

Steaks would be grown in a garden.

Fish would be…  Well, Jesus fed the masses with fish and bread so I guess fish could still be fish…

Hamburger trees would be everywhere

And broccoli, brussels sprouts and tofu would taste um, not nasty.

I was perusing the interweb for more funny vegan photos and I came across this quote from Gandhi (I don’t know if it’s attributable or not and I won’t bother taking the time to find out):  “There are many causes I would die for.  There is not a single cause I would kill for”.

Gandhi wouldn’t die for many causes – dying is kind of a one-off deal.  You don’t get to re-die for another cause.


Finally, I always assumed some of the cooler martial arts moves seen in the movies were impossible in the real world…

Damn-ninjaNatasha Romanov, played by Scarlett Johanson used that very move in the Ironman III and one like it in the Avengers.

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