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Did The Biggest Loser Rachel Lose Too Much?

Did Rachel Fredrickson lose too much?

Rachel Frederickson Biggest LoserPhoto Credit

Look at the before and after. Long face before, huge smile after.  If you want to know if it was too much, I’d ask her what she thinks because other than how she feels, it’s nobody else’s damn business.  Now I’m a picky fella, I’ll tell you that right up front.  Daddy don’t like the fat, but let’s look at this with a lot less emotion and a little more logic and objectivity, because there’s a lot of bellyaching out there about this.  One commenter on a news story went so far as to write, and I’m not kidding, “…And the Biggest Loser just went from uplifting and inspirational to terrifying and depressing.”  Now I’ve seen both depressing and terrifying and the photo above, with that smile, doesn’t show either (well, maybe the before photo).

Now, to answer the question honestly, yes she did lose a little bit too much, maybe five or ten pounds.  Of course, lest the idiots of the world who are all atwitter about this not know any better, A) she was competing for a $250,000 prize and B) she freaking won and C) *going too far the other way is quite normal at first – she will normalize out and gain a few back.

When I first picked up cycling I went from 171 pounds all the way down to 149 before I was able to figure out what the hell was going on, way too skinny for a 6′ tall guy.  The trick, and reason for the asterisk, is that Ms. Fredrickson was (as far as I can tell from reports) working with a trainer, a professional, who should have been able to arrest the weight loss before her BMI dropped below the low-end of normal (by only .5 by the way).  But that’s really the trick, isn’t it?

I’d be willing to bet my lunch that her trainer knew he had a stallion (she was a swimmer) and said, hey I can get you to the low-end of your healthy weight, but do you want to win for sure?  Let’s go a little farther and make sure you take the prize and we can bulk you back up after.  Is that too much of a stretch?  She ended up winning by just a few percentage points (Bobby was at 52.51% of his original weight, David lost 54.28% and Rachel came in at 59.62%).  Now, had Rachel stuck with what most people would call her normal body weight, about 115 pounds, she still would have won, but only by roughly 1.5% (55.77%).

Viewed in that context, dropping the extra ten makes perfect sense to me, and it’s a far cry from terrifying or depressing.

As has been suggested elsewhere, to avoid future occurences like this, a minimum BMI requirement would fix everything and will likely be implemented after this episode.  In the meantime, if you’re one of the poor folks who can’t sleep at night because of this, please A) relax on the melodrama and/or B) get some help, if this is the scariest thing in your life, you’re doing really well…  You need to work on that outlook on life a little bit.