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My Bella’s First Competitive Swim Meet!!!

My daughter may very well be one of the luckiest kids in competitive swimming.  She has a dad who writes a decent fitness blog, loves to swim and knows how to enjoy competition – and spends every waking moment interpreting his thoughts so he can master them, harness the good ones and then write about it so others can benefit.  On top of that, she’s got a dad who is incredibly proud of his little girl and grateful that she’s found a sport she loves.

My wife’s awesome mom and step-dad (I did win the In-Law lottery) came down yesterday so they could go with us to the meet and we’ll be packing up shortly to head down to the suberbs of Detroit.

My key task today will be to help my little lady understand that it’s the first race, with real racers – this is her chance to give it her best shot but to remember that she has no idea what pacing is yet, even though she’s a great swimmer, she’s got a lot of learning yet to do.  This is just the beginning of a long career so just participating, for now, is enough no matter what place she comes in.  That’s my task but remembering my first competitive go at anything, it’ll be a miracle if I can get her to relax, let alone buy into the enjoying the moment part.  That’s how I roll though because it’s much more fun this way (so I’m hoping I can rub some off on her): place isn’t important on the first few races, getting the pacing down, learning how much to give at the beginning so you can punch it that last 50…  That’s what’s important over the next few races.

I’ll update this post as I can

UPDATE: An impressive 4th of 8 in her first heat – she beat all of the girls in the next heat, 50 yd. backstroke 51.27


Breast stroke next… This is her weakest event so we’ll be working on this one: 50 yd. 1:12


Now that’s what I’m talking about! 100 Freestyle 2nd place 1:40.26! She was AWESOME, made up two places in the last 25!


Veggie Myth Buster: If You knew what went into getting meat to market, you’d give it up.

Here you are Eileen…

How often do you hear someone suggest that if you knew what went into getting your meat to market you’d give it up!  Or my personal favorite: If you really had to kill and prep the animal that you’re eating, if it wasn’t done for you, you’d give up meat in a second!

Allow me to posit those first two thoughts a different way:  If you knew what I know you would choose what I choose.  Touch arrogant, no?  Yeah, it is and I don’t think so…  Here’s the problem, I actually know farmers.  Went to school with them, worked on their farms, spent some of my youth playing on the farm with their sons.  I know farmers and how much they truly care about what they do and that knowledge surely doesn’t jive with the majority of the faux horror stories out there.  On that same note, I also know what goes into killing and prepping an animal so I can eat it – I’ve done it, and it surely doesn’t bother me like it does the shriekers.

Now, I’m going to go very slow here because there will be misunderstanding unless you read the words I have written carefully…

I do know, specifically, what goes into getting my meat to the table, I’ve done it all – shoulder deep, and if anything, it’s only made my love of meat stronger.  What most meat detractors are missing is that, while it is tough to look at a living, majestic creature like a deer and pull the trigger, if your heart is right with the world it does cleanse the soul.  Killing, processing and eating deer has indeed changed my life, for the better.

The problem here is that a small minority of people may genuinely be turned off by the process but they project their emotion onto everyone else, somehow making the leap that because they’d rather eat a piece of broccoli, others should share in their feeling.  Not to put too fine a point on it, I don’t care, I’m not changing a thing.

This gets tricky though…  If people like me don’t push back against the stupid from time to time, eventually some of that stupid will stick on the barn (“if you throw enough shit against the side of a barn, eventually some will stick”).  For instance, vegetarians and vegans try to claim moral superiority because they mistakenly believe their choice is somehow healthier when no objective scientific study exists to back that belief.  If you have a problem with that statement, look at it another way:  I’m an ex-drunk so I know specifically the effects of alcohol on humankind…  Now imagine I take my personal experience and beliefs and project that across the entire world to suggest that all alcohol be banned forever.  We’ve had our bout with prohibition and it proved stupid and I’m not so pretentious to believe that everyone has to have a problem with alcohol like I do.  On the other hand, wouldn’t it be funny if I eschewed reasonability to champion the cause anyway?  How silly would I be to ignore the numerous studies that show a glass of wine every now and again is healthy (it’s very simple, I drank a lifetime’s worth 20 years ago).  Hopefully, when viewed in this context, the Veganazi’s will be able to see the error in their ways (doubtful, but a fella can hope can’t he?).

I’ll think about a vegetarian diet when you convince all of the lions, tigers and bears to eat plants instead.  I won’t be holding my breath either.  For the record, just so we can be clear and avoid need for comment, I do know what goes into making a hot dog.  I don’t care.  And yes, I eat them regularly and in large quantities… and my kids love them too.

Speaking of bears…  What is a human in a sleepingbag to a bear?

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