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What I’ve Been Watching Whilst on the Training Wheel…

Riding my bike indoors on a training wheel sucks – but not quite as bad as freezing my keister off riding outside in the ice because I don’t have the clothing to ride even close to comfortably.  When I ride I could be watching old youtube coverage of cycling races past (and sometimes do), but I much prefer catching up on old movies on Netflix.

Here are a few that I’ve watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) over the last couple of months, in no particular order (Five Star Rating System – no spoilers):

The Core (Aaron Eckhart, Hillary Swank and Delroy Lindo) Four Stars.  Love this movie.  What would happen if the Earth’s core stopped spinning – and hey, why did it stop in the first place?

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise, and a veritable host of others) Five Stars.  I’m a Tom Cruise fan to begin with but this movie is next level awesome.  Even Mrs. Bgddy liked it and she does not appreciate Tom’s Awesomeness.

Dredd  (The dude who plays Bones in the new Star Trek movies – and the bad guy in the Bourne Supremacy) Five Gory Stars.  This is what you get if you take the old Judge Dredd movie, take out all of the campy BS, and go dark.  Watched it at least five times in the last two months.  Uh, dude, if you can’t handle gory movies, skip this one.  If, on the other hand, you like the gore, press play.

Olympus Has Fallen (Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart)  Five Bad Ass Stars.  Requires suspension of disbelief, same as one of President Obama’s speeches, but it’s all awesome once you get beyond the “yeah right”.

Expendables 2 (Every Action Star over 45 evah)  Four Bad Ass Gory Stars.  Let’s just say it picks up where the first left off.  If you liked the first one, the second won’t disappoint.

Parker (Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez) Four Stars.  I’m a big fan of Statham and this one didn’t disappoint.  Not the best flick in the world but I’ll watch it again.  Heist movie.

Red Dawn (2012 – Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck) Three Stars.  Chris Hemsworth = Awesome.  Josh Peck = I’d have shot that whiney punk myself.  I can’t stand that freaking kid.  A different actor playing Matt and this one gets four stars easy.

Act of Valor (Nobody you’d know) Five Stars.  Mrs. Bgddy looked it up and said it was originally intended as a recruiting video for the Navy Seals…  Whatever the case, this movie freaking rocked – and it actually had true-to-life bad guys, what a rarity nowadays.  Cannot speak highly enough about this flick.

Timeline (Paul Walker, Gerard Butler)  Very cool premise, fun movie.  Four Stars.  You will have to get beyond the fact that Paul is 100% California and the guy who plays his dad (the father from Boondock Saints) is 100% Scottish – no way you can justify the two accents as blood relatives.

Blitz (Jason Statham) Five Stars.  This is a UK Movie with British actors so the dialect is a little thick in places but it’s a phenomenal cop movie.

Last Stand (2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville [Really])  Four Stars.  Again with the suspension of disbelief, but it’s still fun flick.  Sherriff of a small town marshals the forces to stop an escaped con/drug king.  Fun flick.

Atlas Shrugged 1 & 2…  Four Stars/Three Stars  Anyone who’s followed this blog knows that these make sense.

Equilibrium (Christian Bale) Four Stars.  I really enjoyed this movie.  Just watched this one today – it took forever to get going but once it did, it was quite good.  Reminded me of Inception a little bit.

On the bad side of the ledger, I’ve only got one movie that I couldn’t make it through…  Gallowwalkers with Wesley Snipes.  Now, I’m a huge Snipes fan – HUGE – especially Blade, but ladies and gentlemen, that movie plain sucks.

My Take on Snowboarding in the Olympics

I was listening to Mitch Albom’s radio show last evening. One of his topics was whether or not Slope Style and the Half Pipe Snowboarding events belong in the Olympics.

His take was that they don’t because they don’t meet his idea of the traditional sports handed up from a hundred years ago and that the Olympics are not the winter X-Games. Ironically, the mogul runs were on last night.  Also, and I do agree in part here, he had a problem with the fact that most of the kids speak as though they took Fast Times at Ridgemont High just a little too seriously.  The manner in which the kids choose to communicate, however unseemly, is not a solid reason to keep snowboarding out of the Olympics though. Sorry Mitch.

My two cents are the two sports absolutely belong. The two are excellent mixes of everything that is cool in figure skating, moguls and downhill skiing and ski jumping… The air.  While snowboarding is not cross-country skiing or speed skating they are exceptionally exciting sports that pack an incredible entertainment value – without a doubt, both sports add to the games.

If that isn’t a strong enough case for snowboarding, dude, curling is an Olympic sport!

Now that said, for the purists, I certainly understand why they don’t appreciate the snowboarding sports, I’m just glad they lost.