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The Family that Cycles Together…

Clockwise from top left...  Bgddy, Mrs. Bgddy, Bella and Josie

Clockwise from top left… Bgddy, Mrs. Bgddy, Bella and Josie

…Stays together.

Oh, for the love of Mike…

Well, my youngest brought something home so for the first time this winter I’m down with a cold.  Thankfully it’s not too miserable, I am at the office, but it still sucks.  We got another 3″ of snow last night to make this the third highest snowfall in our neck of the woods in recorded history.  Thank God I’ve got a 4WD truck, that’s all I can say about that.  In any event, I updated my bike page with a stock photo of the new Hardrock and that’ll have to do until spring – the addition takes my S-1 bike total to 5, though the Trek 3700 will end up as my spare muck bike and a bike for friends who want to go for a ride.

Other than that, I’ve got some work to get done over the next few hours and then I’m done – heading home to crash for the night.


My Father Was Like Philip Seymour Hoffman

Yup, sadly this sounds about right. Terrible.