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Michigan District Championships Swim Meet

My girl’s second swim meet is today, it just so happens their the District Championships (!). She’ll be swimming today and tomorrow so I’ll write another post for tomorrow’s meet :

First race 50 Freestyle: 43.37 1st place in her heat (!!! Woohoo!)

100 Medley: 2:08.34 3rd in her heat (considering that this had her two toughest strokes (breast and butterfly), 2nd is pretty stinkin’ awesome!

Her final was the 50 backstroke and she absolutely killed it until the last ten yards… She was in second but misjudged the wall and coasted too far. 4th place in her heat.

Today’s meet was incredibly successful with some great strides.




I love donuts.  Listen to the words coming out of my mouth:  I LOVE DONUTS.

My daughters, every once in a while, like to ask me to pick up donuts, usually about the time we’re driving by a Tim Horton’s.  I am tempted to swing in, every single stinking time. 

The battle that goes on in my head, while I stay cool on the outside, is not fit for print.  Just know there are a lot of curse words flying about and I’m just shy of having to pull out a flame thrower to bring my melon committee to order.

I struggle with few foods, but when it comes to donuts I am simply powerless against them once I start on the first.

My favorite commercial of late is for the Tread Climber.  A woman lost 60-some pounds on hers and about gaining the weight initially, she says “you can’t blame that on baby weight, that was donuts”.  I laugh every time I see it.

Because I skip the donuts, I am also one of those guys that a lot of other guys want to be.  I don’t wear big clothes.  I own the slim-fit suits that are so popular today, and I make them look good.  I had to buy the slacks a size bigger in the waist and have them taken in so that I could get my cycling legs into them.

The point is, even though those damned tasty lumps of fried dough and sugar are so wonderful, looking awesome in a suit that maybe 10-20% of the US male population could even fit into, let alone make look good, is better.

Oh, and looked at another way, I’m not living in reverse… 10 minutes of pleasure followed by years if misery.

Instead, I’ve got a decade of happiness with a few seconds of misery for choosing to pass the donut shop up.

P.S. If you haven’t heard, the First Lady suggested in lieu of potato chips, on The Tonight Show, kale chips. I saw the clip this morning… I would sooner eat my own ass with a spoon than substitute real potato chips with baked kale. Btw, I wonder how Idaho feels about that. It’s going to be a long three years.

In the meantime, “Let them eat Kale”!

75% chance I’m audited this year now. Of course, that happens and I start commenting on what her clothing designers/tailors are trying so hard to hide.